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06:02 BBCode and MiniMag parsers: Use HTML_IMG_ATTR constant for adding extra attributes to the and <video> tags. This makes the "crossorigin" attribute optional and allows additional attributes to be added. Leaf check-in: 7c736014a0 user: johnfound tags: FreshLibDev
12:31 Some work on BBCode url sanitation. Leaf check-in: 7664d1a018 user: johnfound tags: antixss
13:42 Fixed bug. Prevent double free of the screen memory in AsmEdit when the screen is wider than 256 characters. (in WM_SIZE handler). Leaf check-in: bf995c0853 user: johnfound tags: trunk
19:02 Added FixedSys Excelsior font to the themes. All themes set to use the builtin fonts. Leaf check-in: 932014c493 user: johnfound tags: latest_freshlib
07:13 File dialogs separated in the file gui/file_dialogs.asm; Support for the TGrid entire row focus (gfRowFocuse flag); Leaf check-in: 5a55ba1631 user: johnfound tags: NoCanvasGUI
07:28 Work on the events processing... Leaf check-in: 28ed3fd990 user: johnfound tags: shm_pixmap
08:44 Procedure arguments hint support for OOP method calls. It needs update of the OOP macro library as well. Fixed small bug in PAHint.asm; Leaf check-in: edecd1bc56 user: johnfound tags: OOP_PAHint
17:19 Removed not needed margin tag from FASM.TEX Leaf check-in: 82fd95a50d user: johnfound tags: help_update
10:52 Added special mime-type for .frm files and separate icons. Updated mime installation/deinstallation scripts. Leaf check-in: f1a8bea49c user: johnfound tags: newskin
10:28 Fixed small bug in setting the web search engine. Added checkbox/option to enable/disable web search. Leaf check-in: 635b2f4f94 user: johnfound tags: NoGoogle
12:56 Experiment about integrating FASMARM instead of FASM compiler. Partially successful. Problems with the syntax highlighting. Leaf check-in: 0788d29ac9 user: johnfound tags: FASMARM_support
17:51 Merged with single2 branch. Leaf check-in: c4e3d6c0d7 user: johnfound tags: unicode_fix
17:49 Small attempt to avoid crashes in AsmEdit. Leaf check-in: 98d934cb29 user: johnfound tags: single2
07:07 Still hunting the bug Leaf check-in: 70d12452cb user: pelaillo tags: SavedLayout
08:54 Some experiments with the fake source compilation in order to get some symbols, even when the real compilation failed. The point is that recently, because of postpone macro the fake compile usually fails when FreshLib is used and this way is useless at all... Leaf check-in: 924f6048de user: johnfound tags: FakeCompileExperiments
10:01 Fixed a bug in the .html file search/open with keyword. Leaf check-in: 57f7f594c2 user: johnfound tags: HelpServer
09:03 Some work on the property editor window and the hToolHost. Leaf check-in: 4b0ba38fcf user: johnfound tags: onewindow
21:28 Work on the text line rendering. Work on themes support. Implemented storing of the theme in uConfig file. The architecture of the themes is still not very clear... Leaf check-in: 29632daf61 user: johnfound tags: FreshEdit2
09:28 Removed files with names in cyrillic, that caused some problems with fossil. Leaf check-in: 94813e4aaf user: johnfound tags: use_fossil