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Open leaves:

17:42 [4a97043175] Leaf: Implemented TextAddBytes in buffergap.asm (user: johnfound, tags: FreshLibDev)
07:42 [fbc1786a73] Leaf: Work on TAsmEdit. Simple syntax highlighter working now. The colors are derived from the Tomorrow there. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
08:12 [d5b70f0b8f] Leaf: Fixed small regression in AsmEdit related to the word separator characters. (user: johnfound, tags: trunk)
08:44 [edecd1bc56] Leaf: Procedure arguments hint support for OOP method calls. It needs update of the OOP macro library as well. Fixed small bug in PAHint.asm; (user: johnfound, tags: OOP_PAHint)
17:19 [82fd95a50d] Leaf: Removed not needed margin tag from FASM.TEX (user: johnfound, tags: help_update)
10:52 [f1a8bea49c] Leaf: Added special mime-type for .frm files and separate icons. Updated mime installation/deinstallation scripts. (user: johnfound, tags: newskin)
10:28 [635b2f4f94] Leaf: Fixed small bug in setting the web search engine. Added checkbox/option to enable/disable web search. (user: johnfound, tags: NoGoogle)
12:56 [0788d29ac9] Leaf: Experiment about integrating FASMARM instead of FASM compiler. Partially successful. Problems with the syntax highlighting. (user: johnfound, tags: FASMARM_support)
17:51 [c4e3d6c0d7] Leaf: Merged with single2 branch. (user: johnfound, tags: unicode_fix)
17:49 [98d934cb29] Leaf: Small attempt to avoid crashes in AsmEdit. (user: johnfound, tags: single2)
07:07 [70d12452cb] Leaf: Still hunting the bug (user: pelaillo, tags: SavedLayout)
08:54 [924f6048de] Leaf: Some experiments with the fake source compilation in order to get some symbols, even when the real compilation failed. The point is that recently, because of postpone macro the fake compile usually fails when FreshLib is used and this way is useless at all... (user: johnfound, tags: FakeCompileExperiments)
10:01 [57f7f594c2] Leaf: Fixed a bug in the .html file search/open with keyword. (user: johnfound, tags: HelpServer)
09:03 [4b0ba38fcf] Leaf: Some work on the property editor window and the hToolHost. (user: johnfound, tags: onewindow)
21:28 [29632daf61] Leaf: Work on the text line rendering. Work on themes support. Implemented storing of the theme in uConfig file. The architecture of the themes is still not very clear... (user: johnfound, tags: FreshEdit2)
09:28 [94813e4aaf] Leaf: Removed files with names in cyrillic, that caused some problems with fossil. (user: johnfound, tags: use_fossil)