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10:47 • Ticket [eb4d978cde] Crash when indenting a single line status still Open with 5 other changes (user: anonymous)
20:43 • Ticket [6c4755c282] Crash on pressing save all button status still Open with 3 other changes (user: anonymous) ... 1 similar event omitted.
16:53 • Ticket [1d8e3bb8b9] Autosave feature status still Open with 5 other changes (user: anonymous) ... 1 similar event omitted.
16:46 • New ticket [eb4d978cde] Crash when indenting a single line. (user: anonymous)
12:51 • New ticket [6c4755c282] Crash on pressing save all button. (user: anonymous)
[fbd8dba13e] Leaf: Bugfixes and API changes as a result of AsmBB project development. The main bug fixed is not closed file handle in "data/Linux/random.asm", the huge API change is in "data/buffergap.asm" library. Notice that this API changes affect some GUI libraries, but they are not fixed right now. (user: johnfound, tags: FreshLibDev)
[cbb223a6c7] Leaf: Fixed bug in AsmEdit component. The bug damaged the colors on screen sizes higher than the maximal line size (aeLineCharLen). (user: johnfound, tags: trunk)
[774e94ce33] Added SHA1 implementation to the /data/hashes.asm library. Not tested very good, but for small data gives proper values. (user: johnfound, tags: FreshLibDev)
[320c5d7116] Probably fixed the problem with the disp macro and relocatible labels ( Improved the Linux GetFineTimestamp procedure (Linux/debug.asm). Fixed (partially) the generation of fixup section for DLLs. This feature (and generally DLL support) needs more work to be done. (user: johnfound, tags: FreshLibDev)
10:12 • Edit [953f8adc23072834|953f8adc23]: Mark "Closed". (user: johnfound)
[1863b5fab7] The official release v2.6.2

Updated the documentation. Updated the FASM compiler. Minor edits to the help CSS styles and the help index. (user: johnfound, tags: trunk, v2.6.2)

09:17 • Edit [4e3bf1c486cd20d6|4e3bf1c486]: Edit check-in comment. Cancel tag "v2.6.2". (user: johnfound)
[4e3bf1c486] Wrong commit. :) (user: johnfound, tags: trunk)
[79923f736e] Merged with FixSaveAsDlg branch in order to fix a bug, manifesting only in Win10. (user: johnfound, tags: trunk)
[953f8adc23] Closed-Leaf: More simple and clean code. (user: johnfound, tags: FixSaveAsDlg)
20:49 • Edit [edecd1bc56344472|edecd1bc56]: Move to branch OOP_PAHint. (user: johnfound)
[c85695b2df] Fixing a bug in the SaveAs dialog, causing crashes in Windows 10. (user: johnfound, tags: FixSaveAsDlg)
[bc0fc9c550] Leaf: Work on the TText structures, TAsmEdit control (undo/redo, selections, text editing methods, text navigation methods, caret, etc.), some changes to macro library in order to provide arguments hint on method execution in the IDE. Not finished and unstable yet. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[edecd1bc56] Leaf: Procedure arguments hint support for OOP method calls. It needs update of the OOP macro library as well. Fixed small bug in PAHint.asm; (user: johnfound, tags: OOP_PAHint)
[f9c4765e39] The xor mask of the caret, moved to [GUI.clTextCaret]; (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[13078aacb8] Implemented inverting text caret (instead of semitransparent) because it looks better. Implemented vertical caret support in TAsmEdit. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[2ce9ccfb8f] Added TCaret.visible field for hiding the caret without detaching.

More simple and flexible code for scrolling and rendering in TAsmEdit; Proper processing of the external scroll events. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)

[84b51549b7] The stylesheets for the help, as external file. This actually was a bug. (user: johnfound, tags: trunk)
[5b08d05798] Semi-transparent caret. Implemented changing insert-mode and the selection type from the keyboard (Insert and Ctrl+Alt+Insert keys.) UpdateCaretPos now updates the caret size as well. Also, vertical caret should be implemented there. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[3aeaecfe1c] Dirty hack removed. ;) (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[a106042c55] Small fix in buffergap.asm: The function TextCompact only moves the gap, without reallocating the memory.

The procedures ScrollImageH and ScrollImageV has been moved to "graphics/draw.asm";

In TAsmEdit class, the aeoXXXXX options constants has been revised and extended. TAsmEdit.SetCaretXY method has been implemented. In order to handle the selection properly, the caret coordinates must be set only by calling this method.

The selection rendering was implemented in a proper way. Block and char selections are supported for now. The algorithm used allows other kind of selections to be easily added (for example line selection). (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)

[26ad3176f8] TAsmEdit work on the proper resizing and partial text rendering. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[80856b2dcb] Changed the way FreeType load flags are managed. This way, the programs can render the text the user prefered way. Different kind of rendering are possible as well. For example the transparent controls require mandatory grayscale or mono rendering, while the non-transparent can be rendered with subpixel accuracy. This rendering is implemented by the constants troXXXXXXX and the global variable TextRenderOptions.

BlendImage procedure fixed to work with the new TImage. Removed the outdated procedure BlendImageWrap.

Removed the .Operation argument of TWindow.SelfPaint method.

Not finished work on TAsmEdit control. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)

[137958b797] Win32 implementation of the new text caret mechanism. The caret blinking time intervals moved to the [GUI.caretTimes]. Syncronized the flat_gui and win_gui themes. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[083251e24f] Added constants for MsgWaitForMultiplyObjectsEx Win32 API. CreateImagePNG now accepts -1 as a length when unknown.

Implemented WaitForSystemEvents with timeout in Linux and Win32. Implemented very, very simple mechanism for text carets. It works transparently and needs minimal handling from the controls. Some (not finished) work on adaptation TMenu, TAction and other controls to the new API. TEdit now works with the new caret API. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)

[a312962919] Some not finished fix of textcaret.asm; At least it does not crash. But needs some more simple and more elegant solution not based on timers. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[db0f4990ec] A small optimization of DrawSolidRect procedure. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[1714fae0d7] Fixed bug in DrawSolidRect causing hanging of the application. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[cc61b3e780] Removed unnecessary call of XFlush and XFlushGC. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[2d46744055] Preventing set wrapW/wrapH to zero. More compact DrawImageRect procedure for Linux. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[1ec5c6a094] Fixed bug in Win32 GetTextBounds - not handling length of -1 normally. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[24ce1940cf] Fixed small bug in the "Linux/text.asm". BlendSolidRect procedure fixed to work with orgX/Y and added to the TestGraphics.fpr; Better (smaller) background.png for this project. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[201dc418ad] Fixed wrong background image. Fixed the Win32 DrawImageRect procedure, according to the fix in the linux version. Fixed Win32 __BlendAlphaMask procedure, used in the text drawing. The TestGraphics.fpr project now works in Linux and Windows. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[30c9712d7d] Fixed bug in DrawImageRect procedure.

Introduced procedure RectIntersect2 that returns slightly different results than RectIntersect in the cases where two rectangles does not intersect. Only one of these should remains. Need some more research.

__DrawGlyph procedure fixed to wrap properly. Only in Linux though. Need to be fixed in Windows as well. Also, the code need to be revised for possible bugs and optimizations!

options.DebugMode.ComputeFPS and options.DebugMode.ShowFPS are defined for computing the animation speed in X (Linux).

More complex test code. Works without visible artifacts. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)

[7a45e0a480] Correctly working SetImageWrap procedure. But suboptimal solution of the procedure ZeroOrgImage that is used in SetImageWrap. But as long as this operation is needed only on image resize, it is not so important actually. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[2d85be0cb6] Some implementation of the SetImageWrap procedure. It has problems when the wrapW/H becomes less than orgX/Y; And the algorithm is pretty complex. Need some general algorithmic fix. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[fe507f8504] Work on the proper image wrapping. Now there is a problem with the repainting when the image wrapX/wrapY changes and the orgX/orgY are not 0; On such operation, some tearing in the middle of the image appears, hence need to be repainted - by copying the teared off parts where they belongs. (the _screen image wrapX/Y) changes and the orgX/Y are not 0; (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)
[993829fb8c] Fixed bug in random.asm (Win32 and Linux) causing resource leaks and defered crash.

Working on the 0-move scroll for TImage (by moving the image origin) - DrawImageRect funtions for Windows and Linux are adapted for the new standard.

Added test project (TestGraphics) for this feature.

Added debugging FPS display (see options.DebugMode.ShowFPS).

Work on the remaining aspects of the GUI engine. (user: johnfound, tags: NoCanvasGUI)

08:50 • Edit [f6363eae4eefc9a3|f6363eae4e]: Add tag "v2.6.1". (user: johnfound)
08:50 • Edit [111321a0af372919|111321a0af]: Cancel tag "v2.6.1". (user: johnfound)
[f6363eae4e] Missed version number. (user: johnfound, tags: trunk, v2.6.1)
[111321a0af] Minor bugfix release. (user: johnfound, tags: trunk)
[4849f434a9] Fixed broken form for "Labels explorer" feature. Also, fixed the feature itself to show only used symbols. It is an attempt to make it more useful.

Added split grids to other dialog windows as well.

Implemented links in the "Show not used" feature. It is still not very useful, because displays huge amount of labels. (user: johnfound, tags: trunk)