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13:02 [b381118791] Closed-Leaf: Wrong fix.... rollback. (user: johnfound, tags: wrong_fix)
20:57 [953f8adc23] Closed-Leaf: More simple and clean code. (user: johnfound, tags: FixSaveAsDlg)
06:08 [f0f6a6ea29] Closed-Leaf: Merged with FreshLibDev in order to get some important bug fixes. Fixed bad repainting of the auto aligned windows in WINE. (user: johnfound, tags: obsolete_merge)
15:04 [4b407ac647] Closed-Leaf: Some work on TAsmEdit; Implemented scrolling procedures in draw library; Some work on buffergap library. (user: johnfound, tags: NewWidgets)
14:49 [64bf95be6a] Closed-Leaf: This is very old branch that was not developed for years. I will close it, but now commiting the latest changes, before closing the branch. (user: johnfound, tags: FreshEditNoIndex)
09:00 [d60bdac61d] Closed-Leaf: Reverted two files from FASM compiler, wrongly changed. (user: johnfound, tags: NewLibTrunk)
05:18 [d4657a26be] Closed-Leaf: Added link to the linux syscalls reference in the help server index page. (user: johnfound, tags: FastAsmEdit)
19:17 [49c72d0aea] Closed-Leaf: In this branch the image drawing in Linux is implemented only using XLib images. This is slower on some devices but need to be implemented in order to have fall-back for the systems not supporting XShm.

Also, several bugs related to extra large images allocations have been fixed especially in the text caret library. (user: johnfound, tags: XLibDraw)

23:34 [9f0bf791d3] Closed-Leaf: An attempt has been made to use GDI+ for the Win32 image and font/text drawing procedures. It is because the alpha channel that the usual GDI API calls set to zero, i.e. instead of drawing, cuts some holes in the freshlib bitmaps. The use of GDI+ solves the problem with the alpha channel, but the text drawing functions are very, very slow and some functionality is hard to be implemented.

That is why I will revert to the previous version and will try another approach, using only GDI functions and solving alpha problems another way. (user: johnfound, tags: WinGDI+)

08:09 [f43cf94d91] Closed-Leaf: Merged with FreshLibDev. (user: johnfound, tags: WithoutWinproc)
12:44 [10fcf3a92e] Closed-Leaf: Work on the font and text handling in Linux using FreeType library. (user: johnfound, tags: FreshLibGUI)
13:10 [095834ca28] Closed-Leaf: More MMX. This version is really faster, but is bigger and somehow ugly. In addition, it is not so much faster than the first versions in the branch. (user: johnfound, tags: DeflateSpeedOpt)
15:11 [8147a2fc94] Closed-Leaf: Some size optimizations of deflate library. The performance seem to be not changed. (user: johnfound, tags: DeflateSizeOpt)
17:55 [be3aef9182] Closed-Leaf: The FreshLib reference manual has been updated a little. (user: johnfound, tags: AdvNamesHandling)
08:08 [5bde707dff] Closed-Leaf: Fixed unrolling macro feature when the macro ends with "} some_macro" case. (Used in struct macro definition). (user: johnfound, tags: UnrollMacro)
11:32 [edab13a67f] Closed-Leaf: An experimental branch. (user: johnfound, tags: FreshLibGUI_experimental)
09:59 [dddc58fffd] Closed-Leaf: Preparations for release. New installer script created. WhatsNew.txt updated. (user: johnfound, tags: NewConfig)
18:08 [7b4396cdc9] Closed-Leaf: Experimental branch, allowing definition and use of named constants in the uConfig files. (user: johnfound, tags: uConfigExperiment)
07:03 [7f40fb0759] Closed-Leaf: Example file restored to the trunk state. (user: johnfound, tags: Scratchpad)
14:10 [548bab3041] Closed-Leaf: Merged with FreshLibDev in order to get the newer files. (user: johnfound, tags: uConfig)
17:27 [3890422a97] Closed-Leaf: Merged with trunk in order to get the latest changes. (user: johnfound, tags: OnlineHelp)
08:45 [7d86d6964f] Closed-Leaf: Internationalization macro "itext" introduced, that defines string constants in different languages. It is the first part of the internationalization engine for Fresh IDE. (user: johnfound, tags: i18n_text_macro)
14:30 [91f632feca] Closed-Leaf: Still not finished and not compilable. (user: lhmnai0, tags: SomeTests)
22:05 [aeb3983cf6] Closed-Leaf: Added individual label cross reference in the editor (Ctrl+R). The cross reference functions need some functionality, but are useful even in the present state. To be merged to trunk. (user: johnfound, tags: xref)
16:04 [4796218e64] Closed-Leaf: Create new branch named "test_fast" (user: johnfound, tags: test_fast)
18:21 [f4e73ff66c] Closed-Leaf: The next work on FreshEdit. (user: johnfound, tags: FreshEdit_pure)
23:27 [77528884e3] Closed-Leaf: Many changes in the GUI objects engine. Now all visual objects are OS independent. The OS dependent part of the library is represented by functions only. Porting should be easier this way.

Added mouse capturing functions in "mouse.asm"

Implemented mutex functions in "process.asm" (for Linux are only stubs for now). Implemented locking mechanism in the object manipulation procedures in order to make them thread safe.

These changes was Added auto alignment mechanism for the children windows.

Implemented TScrollWindow - window that have scrollbars - it serves as an ancestor for any control that needs scrollbars. It needs a lot of work, but the concept works.

Some work started on TFreshEdit - Complex visual code editor - the base for portable Fresh IDE.

The changes from FreshLibDev_objects branch was merged to FreshLibDev and FreshLibDev_objects branch is closed. (user: johnfound, tags: FreshLibDev_objects)

22:38 [7d53a7fddc] Closed-Leaf: Update of images.asm/Win32 and Linux/ that was missed by the merge. (user: johnfound, tags: FreshLib)
09:33 [38b64ebd44] Closed-Leaf: I really don't like this XCB stuff... Missing reference, obfuscated API. This branch will be abandoned for now. Some part of changes (the new import macroses for Linux) will be merged back to FreshLibDev. Maybe in the future I will try this branch again. (user: lhmnai0, tags: FreshLib_XCB)