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Latest Stable Version: Vole 1.6.20

What is Vole?

Vole is an off-line reader for CIX Forums. It runs on MacOS X Lion and later versions. Compatibility

What is CIX Forums?

See the overview here

A somewhat out-of-date Wikipedia article here.

Sign up for Cix here. It's free to access up to 10 forums.

More at their Accessing CIX Page.
Scroll down to the Vole section. You could also use the CIXReader client for macOS.

How to get Vole

Once you have signed up for CIX Forums, access it using your web browser. Join the vienna forum and read the files topic where there will be a message informing you how to get the latest Vole.

Vole Application Help, current and historical

Release and Install notes (all versions)

Frequently Asked Questions from the Vole App Help

Frequently Asked Questions from developers

Frequently Asked Questions from users

Vole 2 the next generation of Vole