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What is Vole 2

Vole 2 is a moderate rewrite of parts of Vole 1 to use the Unicode UTF8 coding in Vole's database.

Vole2 will look exactly like Vole 1 except it will now display messages in all foreign scripts available in Unicode. And of course, the all important Emoji if you like that sort of thing.

Vole 2 is made available for testing purposes only at the moment.

What's available?

Vole 2.0.0 will soon be made available for testing.

What doesn't work in Vole 2.0.0

You should avoid going online to CIX, both to pickup messages and post messages. I have not yet rewritten the relevant code that deals with this, and Vole 2 will most likely crash if you try to post messages.

To avoid going online, set your user name in Preferences to a blank string. At least it will then prompt you if you try to go online.

Acronyms do not work. Smart folders are a bit iffy.

How can I tell if I am running Vole 2?

The window title and the status bar will both contain the text <<<<Vole 2 Alpha>>>>. The Vole->About and Vole->Developer menus will both tell you the current version of Vole.

What can I use Vole for?

You could export your favourite conference in Vole 1 and import it into Vole 2. Don't try to export the whole message base as it is very slow

I will soon make available a small conversion program which will load Vole 2's database from Vole 1's.

Can Vole 1 and 2 be run at the same time?

No. You will get a warning alert it you try that.

Do Vole 1 and 2 coexist?

Yes. They use seperate databases and preference files. Mugshots and log files are shared at the moment.

Do I need to set the Preferences?

Yes. Preferences are not transferred from Vole 1. It is possible to copy the prefernces if you know what you are doing, but this is not recommended.