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Page Name:Ecosystem
Date: 2017-12-17 05:20:29
Original User: kc5tja
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Presently, the Kestrel-3 does not have any known users besides me. Thus, there's not much of an ecosystem at present. For this reason, the Kestrel-3's hardware is primarily optimized for my use-cases for the computer.

These are the types of applications I personally wish to run on the Kestrel-3:

As more use-cases are discovered, particularly as more users work with the system, hardware and system software changes can be made to accommodate them. For example, I intend on using the Kestrel-3 to help run a home business, so at least one variation of the design will be business optimized. Others I know who are interested in the computer prefer to write games, graphics demos, or compose music. This skews the Kestrel-3's hardware and system software design for these applications. It is through this iterative feedback approach that the Kestrel-3 will become a family of related computer designs.