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1 About the project

1.1 TODO Overview

1.2 TODO Status

ALPHA quality documentation, in active development.

2 Manuals

2.1 Praxisstelle

  • Spezifikation: HTML


3 Namespaces

4 Configuration

The main configuration is stored in the file

5 Tests

6 Project definition

6.1 Dependencies

6.1.1 Runtime Clojure
[org.clojure/clojure "1.10.0"] ClojureFX
[clojurefx "0.5.1" :exclusions [org.clojure/tools.reader]] GStreamer Java
[org.freedesktop.gstreamer/gst1-java-core "0.9.3"] Java Native Access
[ "5.2.0"] JZlib

Used by SSHJ.

[com.jcraft/jzlib "1.1.3"] JCIFS NG
[eu.agno3.jcifs/jcifs-ng "2.1.2"] SSHJ
[com.hierynomus/sshj "0.27.0"] Encryption
;;[org.bouncycastle/bcprov-jdk15on "1.61"]
;;[org.bouncycastle/bcpg-jdk15on "1.61"] Postal E-Mail library
[com.draines/postal "2.0.3"] Clojure.Java-Time
[ "0.3.2"] Mount
[mount "0.1.15"] Mount-Up
[tolitius/mount-up "0.1.2"] Timbre Logging Library
[com.taoensso/timbre "4.10.0" :exclusions [org.clojure/tools.reader]] SLF4J Timbre
[org.slf4j/slf4j-api "1.7.25"]
[com.fzakaria/slf4j-timbre "0.3.12"] core.async
[org.clojure/core.async "0.4.490" :exclusions [org.ow2.asm/asm-all]] JavaFX
[org.openjfx/javafx-base "11.0.2" :scope "provided"]
[org.openjfx/javafx-controls "11.0.2" :scope "provided"]
[org.openjfx/javafx-fxml "11.0.2" :scope "provided"]
[org.openjfx/javafx-media "11.0.2" :scope "provided"] FontAwesomeFX
[de.jensd/fontawesomefx-commons "9.1.2"] ControlsFX
[org.controlsfx/controlsfx "9.0.0"]

6.1.2 Development Getdown
[com.threerings/getdown "1.7.1" :scope "test"] Bootlaces
[adzerk/bootlaces "0.1.13" :scope "test"] boot-test
[adzerk/boot-test "1.2.0" :scope "test"]

6.2 Tasks

6.2.1 tangle

The tangle task extracts the code from the unified project files in a way that it is readable by the language compiler. You'll need a running Emacs server for this.

(deftask tangle []
  (with-pass-thru _
    (let [files (filter #(str/ends-with? % ".org") (map #(str "src/" %) (.list (io/file "src"))))
	  files (reduce conj ["" ""] files)
	  command (reduce conj ["emacs" "--script" "literate.el" "tangle"] files)]
      (println (apply sh/sh command)))))

6.2.2 weave

The weave task extracts the documentation from the unified project files and compiles them into easily-readable html documents. You'll need a running Emacs server for this.

(deftask weave []
  (with-pass-thru _
    (let [files (filter #(str/ends-with? % ".org") (map #(str "src/" %) (.list (io/file "src"))))
	  files (reduce conj files (filter #(str/ends-with? % ".org") (map #(str "doc/" %) (.list (io/file "doc")))))
	  files (reduce conj ["" ""] files)
	  command (reduce conj ["emacs" "--script" "literate.el" "weave"] files)]
      (println command)
      (println (apply sh/sh command)))))

6.2.3 run

As the name says, the run task runs the program in production mode.

(deftask run
    (with-pass-thru _
      (require 'videocapture.core)
      ((resolve 'videocapture.core/-main)))))

6.2.4 test

The test task runs the automated test suite.

(deftask test
  "Run the videocapture automated tests."
  (comp (watch)

6.2.5 uberjar

The uberjar task creates a self-contained, executable videocapture.jar file ready for distribution.

(deftask uberjar
  (comp (tangle)
	(aot :namespace #{'videocapture.core})

6.2.6 appimage

#!/usr/bin/env bash
rm -rf AppDir videocapture.AppImage input
mkdir -p AppDir/usr/share/applications
mkdir -p AppDir/usr/bin
mkdir -p input/pack
cd input
curl -L -o
cp ../target/videocapture.jar pack
cd ..
jpackager create-image --module-path input/javafx-jmods-* --add-modules java.base,java.sql,javafx.controls,javafx.fxml, --output AppDir/usr/share/applications --input input/pack --main-jar videocapture.jar --name videocapture
curl -L -o AppDir/usr/bin/AppImageUpdate
curl -L -o AppDir/usr/bin/appimageupdatetool
chmod +x AppDir/usr/bin/AppImageUpdate
chmod +x AppDir/usr/bin/appimageupdatetool
cp AppimageLauncher AppDir/usr/bin
chmod +x AppDir/usr/bin/AppimageLauncher
cd AppDir/usr/bin
ln -s ../share/applications/videocapture/videocapture videocapture
cd ../../..
#ln -s videocapture.svg .DirIcon
export ARCH=x86_64
export UPDATE_INFORMATION="zsync|"
export SIGN=1
linuxdeploy --appdir AppDir --desktop-file=videocapture.desktop --icon-file=videocapture.svg --executable=/usr/bin/ffmpeg --output=appimage
rm -rf AppDir input
(deftask appimage
  (sh/sh "bash" "appimage.bash"))

6.2.7 getdown

This program uses Getdown to keep itself up to date on client machines. The getdown task generates a new release suitable to upload onto the update server.

(deftask getdown
  (Files/deleteIfExists (fpath "release"))
  (Files/createDirectory (fpath "release") nil)
  (boot (uberjar))
  (sh/sh "jar" "-cf" "uresource.jar" "config.edn" "microwave.wav")
  (Files/move (fpath "uresource.jar") (fpath "release/uresource.jar") nil)
  (Files/copy (fpath "getdown/getdown.txt") (fpath "release/getdown.txt") nil)
  (Files/copy (fpath "target/videocapture.jar") (fpath "release/videocapture.jar") nil)
  ( (into-array ["release"])))

6.2.8 getdown-stub

For initial distribution, a stub directory has to be created. Upon first launch, this will ensure the download of the application.

(deftask getdown-stub
  (Files/deleteIfExists (fpath "deploy"))
  (Files/createDirectory (fpath "deploy") nil)
  (sh/sh "wget" "")
  (Files/move (fpath "getdown-1.8.2.jar") (fpath "getdown.jar") nil)
  (Files/copy (fpath "getdown/getdown.txt") (fpath "deploy/getdown.txt") nil)
  (Files/copy (fpath "getdown/install.bash") (fpath "deploy/install.bash") nil)
  (Files/copy (fpath "videocapture.desktop") (fpath "deploy/videocapture.desktop") nil)
  (Files/copy (fpath "settings.edn") (fpath "deploy/settings.edn") nil))

6.3 Building this project

This project is written in a literate programming format and requires Emacs & Org-mode to generate usable source code. Assuming both tools are installed, the easiest way to generate a working project is via command line (make sure emacs is on your path or else edit its path in

mkdir videocapture
cd videocapture
fossil clone videocapture.fossil
fossil open videocapture.fossil

Tangling is the process of extracting & combining source blocks from .org files into an actual working project/source tree. Once tangling is complete, you can use boot as usual.

6.3.1 Testing

The build.boot comes with a predefined test task; simply run boot test to run the test suite.

6.3.2 Working with the REPL

Editing code blocks or files in Org-mode, then re-loading & testing changes is quite trivial. Simply launch a REPL (via lein or Emacs) as usual. Everytime you've made changes to an .org file, re-tangle it from Emacs (C-c C-v t) or, then reload the namespace in the REPL via (require 'videocapture... :reload) or similar.

6.4 Accessing library version during runtime

The autogenerated namespace videocapture.version contains a single symbol version holding the version string defined above:

(use '[videocapture.version])

(prn version)
; "1.0.11"

6.5 Release history

Version Released Description Lein coordinates Tagged Github URL
0.1.0 pending 1st public release [{{fqname}} "0.1.0"]  

6.6 Contributors

Name Role Website
Daniel Ziltener initiator & principal developer  

6.7 License

Copyright © 2018 Daniel Ziltener

This project is open source and licensed under the license-name.

7 Roadmap

7.1 INPROGRESS Code cleanup   fix

Code fertig ins neue Format übertragen.

7.1.1 DONE New GUI State format

7.1.2 TODO videocapture.core cleanup and refactoring

7.2 TODO Active Directory Integration   feature

7.2.1 DONE Login und Benutzerordner-Verschlüsselung

7.2.2 TODO Neudokumentation der automatischen Nutzerordner-Verschlüsselung

7.2.3 TODO Assoziation Benutzername zu THerapeutennummer

7.3 TODO Therapeuten- und Patientennummern speichern   feature

Time estimate: 1 workday Globale Datei, die diese Daten basierend auf dem AD-Benutzernamen speichert.

7.4 TODO Video Daemon auf dem Client   feature

7.4.1 TODO Video verschlüsseln und im Briefkastenordner ablegen

7.5 TODO Serverdienst   feature

7.5.1 TODO Abholen und entschlüsseln der Videos von den Clients

7.5.2 TODO Ablegen der Videos in Ordnerstruktur

7.5.3 TODO Verwaltung der Liste mit den Therapeuten- und Patientennummern

  • Aktuellhalten der Liste auf den Clients

7.6 TODO Lizenz   fix

7.7 TODO Networking   feature

7.8 DONE Support für 2 Kameras   feature

  • State "WAITING" from "TODO" [2019-01-17 Do 17:11]

7.9 TODO Tool für Supervisor-Nachrichten   feature

  • Was für ein Gerät?

Author: Daniel Ziltener

Created: 2019-06-21 Fr 16:22