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5 check-ins

tinkering with nested directives and a new patient dialog Leaf check-in: 0cbf1da97b user: tircnf tags: trunk
move the filters into the patientlist directive. Glad to know that you can nest directives. check-in: 9c02d446f4 user: tircnf tags: trunk
turned the patientlist into a directive. make the patientlist sort by name instead of complaint. check-in: 7c3d99a7de user: tircnf tags: trunk
really basic angular app. doesn't use any javascript special tools (node/npm/grunt/etc). It has a local copy of angular.js, and the foundationjs project (for styles, which I've used poorly). Just playing with directives and a few other things (which I've also used poorly). If you stumble across this project, you probably don't want to copy anything you find, unless you want to learn how to do things poorly. This project MUST run inside a web browser, because the directive templates are pulling in with an ajax call. If you run under the FILE domain, you will get a cross site scripting error. Any web server should do. It does show how to filter a list, and add to the list from a directive, but the egghead.io videos would be a MUCH better resource than anything you might find here. check-in: 8b19a470d8 user: tircnf tags: trunk
initial empty check-in check-in: 05a76d2313 user: tircnf tags: trunk