An Array in the Command's Shadow is an array with an associated set of commands
that each provide access to or allow certain useful manipulations of the array.

An AitCS may be used where a program would normally use global or namespace variables
to hold configuration, state, widget paths, temp values, etc.

Using AitCS is not as fast as using straight Tcl or Jim.
The desire for convenience vs the need for speed should
be taken into account when deciding to use AitCS.

Examples  Speed

AitCS 2.0 release tarball: aitcs-2.0.tar.gz

AitCS 2.0
 Final version. No change from 2.0b1

AitCS 2.0b1
 Speed is key, Jim!
 Make mostly procs instead of aliases.
 Hardcode values into procs for speed.
 Can be used with Jim.
 New subcommand "operators" returns a
 list of all the AitCS operators.
 Two new examples: simple usage and gui.
 New targets: "vs" and "tightloop"
 for speed comparisons.

AitCS 1.8
 The "+=" operator now accepts multiple increments.
 Creation, get/set, and operators "-", "?", and "+="
 are now faster.

AitCS 1.7
 Operators "^", "-", and "." are now faster.

AitCS 1.6
 The "?" operator can now take a variable name
 to set to the value at key, if it exists.

AitCS 1.5
 Added random naming and initial values.
 The "^" operator will now use "" as a default if no default supplied.
 The "^" operator can now take a variable name to set to the result.

AitCS 1.4
 Account for DruMa ":" operator.

AitCS 1.3
 Added "Struct Dereference" operator.

AitCS 1.2
 Added "Get With Default" operator, updated to latest Spot o' Conf.

AitCS 2.0b1 release tarball: aitcs-2.0b1.tar.gz
AitCS 1.8 release tarball: aitcs-1.8.tar.gz
AitCS 1.7 release tarball: aitcs-1.7.tar.gz
AitCS 1.6 release tarball: aitcs-1.6.tar.gz
AitCS 1.5 release tarball: aitcs-1.5.tar.gz
AitCS 1.4 release tarball: aitcs-1.4.tar.gz
AitCS 1.3 release tarball: aitcs-1.3.tar.gz
AitCS 1.2 release tarball: aitcs-1.2.tar.gz