This is the Fossil repository for Sami Tikka's Automator projects.

Some of these are very specific to my needs and not generally useful. Some might be useful for others too.

Even if they are not immediately useful to you, you can study them and learn how to use the Automator to make your life a bit easier.

See Table of contents for details.

You can get a copy of this repository by running these commands:

fossil clone automats.fossil
mkdir automats
cd automats
fossil open ../automats.fossil


Automator is a tool that comes with Mac OS X, which makes it easy to automate common tasks in the Macintosh environment.


The Automator tool creates documents called workflows. You can open the workflows in Automator and execute them. It is also possible to save a workflow as an application or a plugin for iCal (for scheduled execution) or a plugin for Finder (for easy access in right-click menu). In Snow Leopard it is also possible to save a workflow as a service (goes into the Services in the application menu)

Somewhat annoyingly, Automator workflows are not compatible between 10.5 and 10.6. Now that I have a Mac running Snow Leopard too, I will try to make the workflows available for both.


The workflows are composed of actions. Mac OS X comes preloaded with a ton of actions and more can be installed from various sources. I have also created couple of actions. Their source code can be found in this repository. (Well, there isn't much to them, just a bit of wrapper around some simple shell scripts.)