Welcome to XHaskell!

-A Graphical Software Distribution for Android based on X11-

Lead developer and maintainer: searemind


XHaskell (current version: 3.8) is an Android ARM application based on jackpal's Terminal Emulator for Android.

Many common X Clients have been embedded into the application including but not limited to an image viewer, a media player, two web browsers, a text editor and a word processor. Many command-line applications are also present including Hugs98, cURL, clients for various forms of social platforms etc.

They communicate with an X Server (tigervnc's Xvnc) to display content through a VNC connection which can be accessed through a host of VNC Viewers on Android or on any device connected to the same local network connection.


XHaskell currently only supports Android 5.0+ (API21+) ARM devices. ARM64 devices are not supported as of now (and will not be supported until I have access to one for testing purposes).

The app itself is quite lightweight when it comes to memory requirements and can adequately work with <250 MBs of both ram and disk space, considering the huge list of applications included in the distribution itself.


Here is a screenshot showing the application's initial screen (v3.0):

Here is a screenshot showing the initial screen of XHaskell's desktop (v3.0):


Link to version 3.8 for Android 5+ ARMv7

(new versions include mutt, zynaddsubfx, flphoto, siag, azpainter3, fifth, milkytracker, mpv with support for almost everything and many other new softwares)

Link to some addons including a PulseAudio server for audio support on DOSBox, ZynAddSubFX instruments, and a Screen Recorder using ffmpeg


• To start an X Session, type


in XHaskell's bash prompt.

• To connect to that X Session, connect to

(password: xhaskell)

using a VNC Client if connecting on the device itself or connect to

[Address of the device running XHaskell]:5901

with the same password.

• To change the password, type

libvncpasswd.so $HOME/.lib/xserver/share/x11/passwd

AND TYPE 'y' WHEN ASKED WHETHER YOU WANT TO SET A VIEW-ONLY PASSWORD. Otherwise the X Server crashes for some peculiar reason I have still not figured out.

Note: Most options and configurations can be changed by editing the startx script inside


while the look of the Window Manager can be changed by editing


and other corresponding files.


This distribution is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3.0 and should not be redistributed without the inclusion of the said license.