Tcl file system watcher


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Clean up any watch channels left behind in an interp when it is deleted. Leaf check-in: 6d213151fb user: schelte tags: trunk
As all the information is available anyway, it is easy to also include the path in the dict that is passed to the callback function. This is especially helpful for "ignored" events, because then the watch has been removed and the information cannot be obtained with the info subcommand anymore. check-in: 840a2ab65e user: schelte tags: trunk
Improve the way the command works, which should be less surprising to the user: - Add now adds events instead of replacing them, without the need to specify the maskadd flag. Replacing is still possible via the -replace option. - The onlydir flag would throw an error if the path was not a directory, making the flag pretty useless. Users can easily check for a directory in their code, if that is required. - Following symbolic links by default required an unreasonable amount of C code. Now a watch will always just apply to the specified path. Resolving symbolic links can be done in the Tcl code calling the fswatch add command, if necessary. As these changes are not backward compatible, the major version number has been incremented. check-in: 828a2cae82 user: schelte tags: trunk
Add an info subcommand and implement other suggestions by Christian Werner. Add a test suite. check-in: aba6ebf59f user: schelte tags: trunk
Initial commit. check-in: f5c3cecf7a user: schelte tags: trunk
initial empty check-in check-in: f811b61989 user: schelte tags: trunk