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Simply odd.

Doing more DIY/control/security/privacy with less complexity/materials/energy/cost. A functional system that is simple enough to fully understand and expand by yourself.

Inspired by:

This is a project for me, that coalesces many of the fantastic features of computers of yesteryear that were so far ahead of their time that we haven't gotten there yet. I suspect that many others may find it useful and fun, but for the moment, I'm building what features I need and want in a computing system. There are some foundational design goals that may resonate with others, and I hope that when it come time, they'll want to have one and develop their own version. We'll see when we get there.

The amalgamation of capabilities is to be implemented in this system architecture.

If you feel like checking out the repository for offline work:

     fossil clone

Get the fossil version control here.