Files in the top-level directory in any check-in

These are informal and not-guaranteed-complete smapshots of some
previous releases of Reduce. There should not be any binaries or
serious build scripts here and these are all to be viewed as OUT
OF DATE and NOT SUPPORTED AT ALL. However some people may enjoy seeing
how the code-base has grown and getting a bit of insight into the
world of the past. And developers tracking a newly uncovered bug may
sometimes find it useful to look back into these archives in case
that gives insight.

PLEASE do not ask the main developers about building or installing
from these old files. ALL current support will be focussed on the
main version.

The files here typically have old restrictive copyright notices and
sometimes restrictive license terms. They are included here by virtue
of the permission that their originators granted to Tony Hearn and
his distributors to use them, but you should not modify and redistribute
anything from this directory without careful thought.

              Arthur Norman. August 2011

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