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Arduboy 1010

Just a little 1010 puzzle game. Here's how to play the current version.

Moving mode

Once you've selected a shape (see below), the arrow keys will move it around on the board. The A button will drop it in that position and switch back to selection mode.

While in moving mode, the LED color indicates if the shape will fit where it is: green for yes or go ahead and place, red for no.

Selection mode

You start the game in selection mode, choosing from up to three shapes. The current shape is show on the left side of the screen. Each available shape is indicated by a - to the left of the displayed shape, with the current shape being a +. Once a shape is placed, it's symbol is gone.

The left arrow places the current shape in the upper right corner and changes to moving mode.

The A button will try and find a place where it fits, making the LED red while it searches. If it finds one, it switches to moving mode. If the shape will not fit on the current board, the LED goes off and you are left in selection mode.


At any time, you can hit the B button and pause the game. This opens the menu so you can start a new game if you want.


The menu entries are:


If it ever becomes impossible to place any of the available pieces, the game ends.