Kestrel-3 Family

Hello, and welcome to the Fossil repository for the Kestrel-3 family of computers. The Kestrel-3 is a (mostly) MPLv2 licensed computer design. (Disclaimer: I'm seriously considering relicensing the finished result GPLv3, however. While I haven't committed to this decision, it seems like a logical choice considering how successful other GPL'ed open hardware projects have been. More on this later as I feel motivated to document my thoughts.) Folks familiar with the classic home computers of the mid-80s (e.g., Commodore 64 or 128, Apple IIgs, Atari 8-bits, ZX Spectrum, et. al.) can think of the Kestrel-3 as exactly that kind of home computer, but built with a fresh and new design. For this reason, I consider the Kestrel-3 a neo-retro computer.


The Kestrel-3 is designed to empower and encourage the owner to learn about and even tweak the software and hardware for their own benefit.

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These are mainly just my thoughts on matters relevant to, but not necessarily in direct relationship with, the Kestrel-3 project.


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Lessons Learned from Kestrel-2DX Development

Use Intelligent Storage Devices, not SD/MMC Cards.