Welcome to my choice of Github alternative. The reasons for not using Github are numerous and well-documented; a Web search on the terms "Github ICE immigration" will bring up plenty of articles.

Tcl, SQLite, and Fossil (and Fossil's predecessor, TWS, now discontinued) have all played parts in both my professional and hobbyist lives. So I am making myself a home here, away from the crowds. Things, both text and code, will appear here as I have time and inclination to either create them from scratch or bring them over from other locations.

Among the things that I have created with some combination of Tcl, SQLite, and Fossil are the database that stored registrations and printed badges for BayCon (and a few other conventions -- ask me for details) from 2008 to 2015, prototypes for various fannish projects, and test suites for web services including crawlers and sync servers.