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This repository contains a command-line assembler, and a simulator for James Newman's MegaProcessor.


Currently (2015) the state of the simulator and the assembler are very much first-cut (November 2014).
Both are windows programs.

The simulator is runnable under Linux (in Wine)
In the simulator, use "File::Load" to load an (intel-hex) image file.

The "Assembler.exe" seems to miss a couple of dependency DLLs.
This repository also contains a command-line assembler implemented in Lua,
but as of Sept 2015, that is stil a work in progress.

How to get this software

First, get a working binary of fossil, either by direct download, or by compiling it yourself.
(Installing fossil is one simple step. Put the fossil executable somewhere in your PATH.)

Then, create a directory to store the repository file, cd to this directory, and enter the following command...

fossil clone 'YourRepoName.fossil'

This gets you your own copy of the repository.

To access its contents, create a second directory in a location where you normally put the files that you work on,
make that your current directory (cd) and enter the command...

fossil open 'path/to/YourRepoName.fossil'

This gets you a copy of the most recent files in your repository.
You can work with these files, add changes and commit these back into your repository.
From this point on, you can either continue development on your own, or push/synch the changes
from your repository back into a centrally shared repository like the one on this site.
(The latter choice requires some options and permissions to be properly set up)

Programming Model

Instruction Set

Generating test data