Apply Packages

Apply Packages

Assumes default installation of EndeavourOS and use of AUR helper yay.

  1. Install Fossil and yq (go version):

    $ yay -S fossil go-yq

  2. Create a Fossil directory (if required) and clone then open (use --force) dotfiles repository in home directory:

    $ mkdir Fossils
    $ fossil clone dotfiles.fossil
    $ fossil open dotfiles.fossil --force

  3. Install dev, tcl, vim plugin, vitools and clitools packages:

    $ yay -S --needed $(yq -r '(.dev,.tcl,.vim,.vitools,.clitools)[] | split(" ").[]' ~/.config/packages.yaml)

  4. Optionally install other packages:

    $ yay -S --needed $(yq -r '(.apps,.xtools,.python,.node,.java)[] | split(" ").[]' ~/.config/packages.yaml)