Fotokopierer is a document scanning application for Sailfish OS and the Desktop.


Frank Fischer

planetos (Icons)

G. Yavorov, Standjata (Bulgarian translation)

Godfried Cobben (Dutch translation)

pherjung (French translation)

holask (Slovak translation)

Åke Engelbrektson (Swedish translation)


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Licensed under GNU GPLv3


Fotokopierer needs the OpenCV 3.4.16, Podofo 0.9.8 and FreeType libraries. These libraries can be either used as shared libraries installed on your system or can be compiled and statically linked. In order to build Fotokopierer for the official Sailfish OS app store, you must statically link against these libraries.

In all cases you need CMake to build Fotokopierer.

Build with shared libraries in the Sailfish OS build engine

cd path/to/fotokopierer
path/to/SailfishOS/bin/sfdk -c target=SailfishOS- build

In order to create an rpm package execute

path/to/SailfishOS/bin/sfdk -c target=SailfishOS- package

Note that the OS version and target might differ for you.

Build with static libraries in the Sailfish OS build engine

You need to download the sources of OpenCV, Podofo and FreeType (the CMake file will automatically download them):

Put all archives to the rpm/ directory.

cd path/to/fotokopierer/rpm
cp path/to/ .
cp path/to/podofo-0.9.8.tar.gz .
cp path/to/freetype-2.13.2.tar.gz .

Finally, build the project using the build engine:

cd path/to/fotokopierer
path/to/SailfishOS/bin/sfdk prepare
path/to/SailfishOS/bin/sfdk build

Download sources

Latest development version: harbour-fotokopierer.tar.gz

Latest release version: harbour-fotokopierer-0.4.8.tar.gz

Help with translations

Translate to another language at POEditor


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