DynG  Dyng Dynamic Graph Generation Library


DynG is a C++/C callable library implementing a Dynamic Graph Generation scheme for solving shortest path problems in time expanded networks. The library is designed to be used as a subproblem solver in Lagrangian Relaxation and Column Generation approaches for (Mixed) Integer Programming problems.


The homepage of the project is at http://chiselapp.com/user/fifr/repository/cpp-dyng

The API reference can be found here.


Latest tagged release: dyng-0.4.2.tar.gz

Latest development version: dyng-trunk.tar.gz

The project lives in a fossil repository. In order to clone the repository, execute the following commands:

fossil clone http://fifr.spdns.de/fossils/cpp-dyng path/to/dyng.fossil
mkdir path/to/dyng-sourcecode
cd path/to/dyng-sourcecode
fossil open path/to/dyng.fossil


DynG comes with a cmake build script. The library can be compiled into a static library using

mkdir path/to/build-directory
cd path/to/build-directory
cmake path/to/dyng-sourcecode

This creates a (static) callable library in path/to/build-directory, usually called libdyng.a on Linux systems. Alternatively you can also copy all sources files from the src/ directory and include files from include/ to your own project. Note that DynG is written in C++11.


Please send an email to frank.fischer at uni-mainz.de.