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This is a clone of the Tcl repository at

What's Here

A few branches exist here for my own contributions and experiments:

.. I have some other stuff yet to be merged in here - open a ticket if you're interested in:

How To Use It

Branches from this repo can be imported into your local clone of using the fossil bundle command.

Assuming your core checkout is in ~/fossils/tcl and you're happy to clone my repo in ~/fossils/tcl-aspect, a session might look like this:

$ cd ~/fossils
$ BRANCH=aspect-binary-float-inf
$ BUNDLE=$(pwd)/$BRANCH.fbun

Clone my repo:

$ mkdir tcl-aspect
$ cd tcl-aspect
$ fossil clone .fossil
$ fossil open .fossil $BRANCH

Extracting a bundle:

$ fossil bundle export $BUNDLE --branch $BRANCH
$ fossil bundle ls $BUNDLE

Use fossil bundle ls $BUNDLE to ensure no extraneous commits were included in the bundle.

Applying the bundle to your repo:

$ cd ~/fossils/tcl
$ fossil bundle import $BUNDLE

This will import $BRANCH as a private branch. If you decide after import that the bundle is trash, fossil bundle purge $BUNDLE will clean it out of your repo. Otherwise, you will probably want to merge it into a branch of your own, with:

$ fossil checkout $MYBRANCH
$ fossil merge $BRANCH

How I Made It

This repo was built by the following process.

.. ta-da!


Note for self: fossil wiki syntax is described here.