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Pico commands

Enumerate notification

The enumerate command is a notification which set the announce bit in all the slave nodes. The enumerate command can contain a filter condition with the following format: <object><register> op <value>

object 6 bits containing the object number register 6 bits containing the register number in the object op 2 bits containing the operation (eq lt gt and) inv 1 bit inverting the comparation result rsv 1 bit reserved value 16 bits containing the value to compar

If a node doesn't support enumerate filters, the notifiction is ignored and no ACK bit is generated.

Otherwise, the slave should try to become master in the next election and should send an announce notification.

Announce notification

The announce notification is the first message sent after a node powers up. It contains the following data:

manuf 2 byte containing the manufacturer ID model 2 byte containing the device model nobjs 1 byte containing the number of objects groups 1 byte containing the number of groups the node can belong to.

Get object info request

This request retrieves info about the

Set address

This notification must be send to an unique device and instructs them to try to change its address. The data fields contains 4 bytes with the new address.