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H.o.G's goal is to provide Genode with a haiku.lib.so compatibility library : once complete, HoG will allow to recompile and run (some) Haiku applications on Genode.

More at Meta:About


This repository provides bfs-on-genode, a port of the BFS driver for Genode (works fine in my testing).

This repository will also soon contain the actual haiku-on-genode code; it's currently only part-way through phase 1:


To make a (quite) long story short: set up Genode; setup the Genode tool chain (e.g. for Linux); download or clone the HoG source code; include it in the Genode build process and build it; set up a .run file to create a bootable ISO image that demonstrates basic Haiku applications running on top of Genode.

More at Setup:Main (incl. Setup:Toolchain).


Some examples of tasks I cannot attend to yet due to limited time, sorted by required skill-set (difficulty):

Basic testing:

Genode drivers:

The OpenBSD HDA driver does not work on our main platform (Asus F2A55M). It starts probing, then goes something like this:

azalia0 at pci0
: <NULL>
azalia0: no supported codecs
warning: not implemented, called from 0x1029074
warning: not implemented, called from 0x1029074
Error: could not initialize sound card

Genode system integration:

C++ ('pure'):

C++ (Genode)

C++ (Haiku)

Motivational / demonstration ports:

More at ToDo:Easy