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Changes To AnonOS Developer's Toolkit
     3      3   This virtual appliance contains all the tools you will need in developing a build of AnonOS. It includes livecd-creator, Geany, Anjunta, MonoDevelop, and lots of other useful development tools. Libraries include Perl, Python, Java, C++ and Mono(Visual Basic/C#).
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     5      5   We use kickstart files to build our releases. To understand how to edit the source code, go to [Kickstarts].
     6      6   
     7      7   To learn how to compile a liveCD from source, go to [developing].
     8      8   
     9      9   To start developing, just go to Kickstarts on the Desktop to mess with the stable builds, or go <a href="">here</a> to see and edit the newest ones.
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           11  +If you are going to use the kickstarts preinstalled on your computer, it is advisable to "pull" an update from the main repo first.
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           13  +This is how: [Fossil]