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Flavors of AnonOS

AnonOS has many different versions, for every sort of person.

Currently being developed


Annonaceae is a totally legit linux distro for anonymity. It has TOR, a MAC address randomizer, a hard disk/RAM wiper, a encryption suite, and many other goodies. This will be the first project to complete.

  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Anyone who cares about their anonymity.


Cherimoya is a high-anonymity distro designed to be a complete kit for Anonymous.

It's goals are a high degree of anonymity, security "auditing" programs, and easy tools for making flyers and videos. This will be somewhat like Backtrack, except that we can add things that they couldn't. (LOIC, etc) Cherimoya's goal is to replace as much of Windows as possible.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Anonymous, especially during raids

Conceptual Editions


Atemoya is a server based version of AnonOS. Atemoya (AH-TEH-MOYA) is a distro designed to be a Virtual Appliance. A virtual appliance is basically an OS that does only one thing, like serve webpages, repositories, track torrents, etc., working exactly the same way on every computer. More than that, it's a plan to make a vehicle for an entirely decentralized, p2p computer network, with a limitless amount of functions.

The primary feature of Atemoya would be a powerful content delivery/program update system that I call Samizdat. It would make sure that data can be propogated by trusted uploaders anonymously, and end the need for a vulnerable central server.

For example, a Wikileaks mirror appliance is built. The creator applies two GPG signatures, one to make sure that only the holder of the signature will be able to upload data to the servers, and one to prevent anyone other than the creator to send software updates.

The creator then calls for people to host a virtual machine. When someone wants to host a virtual machine, there will not even need to be a central download server. Rather, every single server acts as a p2p seeder, first sending the appliance (should be no more than 200 MBs), then sending the actual data (more than 10 GBs).

The uploaders could use any single server as the data source, as long as they have the correct cryptographic signature. Once new data is sent to a server, that one automatically updates the others with the signed package. With this system, taking down a node will never stop the flow of information, unlike the centralized solution that Wikileaks currently uses. Should be based on this:


Monodoraceae will be almost exactly like Annonaceae, except even smaller, and more suitable for old computers. (Like, using XVesa instead of Xorg) This will be a bit harder to make. TARGET AUDIENCE: Protestors, such as in Egypt or Tunisia


LOIC Live is built on Monodoraceae, but primarily serves Anonymous. It is devoid of any functions other than security "auditing", very basic internet browsing, and IRC clients. Not for newfags. Unlike Cherimoya, it's based on the principle of "Keep It Simple Stupid" (KISS).

  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Experienced anons who don't need more than the essentials.


Rollinia will be an ARM based distro for embedded systems, such as a smartphone or a tablet. It should be based on Android, MeeGo, or Debian ARM. The reason for this is to increase anonymity while using such an embedded system, as it is a well-known fact that such a smartphone sends lots of data back to Google, most times just about your searches or downloads (bad enough), but also your pinpoint location, using GPS. Rollinia needs to omit such code, replace Google apps where possible and bundle anonymity apps, and include a DEB package system to allow the use of Debian's gigantic package repository. Debian's ARM Repository has a huge amount of console apps that Android doesn't have, such as aircrack. Rollinia plans to give Android phones a truly usuable implementation of Linux, not just some stripped-down lies.

  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Anyone who cares about their anonymity on smartphones.


Squamosa is based on Rollinia, but is packed with programs useful to Anonymous, such as Server Traffic Auditing tools (LOIC), a full set of reconnaissance apps, and will try it's best to maintain your anonymity.

  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Any Anon who uses an Linux-compatible phone (Android, maybe iPhone) and wants to conduct assaults from there.

Dangerous Rabbit

Based on the legendary raid kit of invasions past, Dangerous Rabbit will bring the power of AnonOS when booting from live media is impossible (say, in an internet cafe). It should be included with all live media as well as by itself, and needs to be entirely inconspicuous.

  • TARGET AUDIENCE: People who depend on internet terminals, who cannot use bootable media.

What it will include:

  • Tor Browser Bundle + Firefox (Installed with all our extensions, skinned to look like IE)
  • Freenet, I2P, etc.
  • An IRC client that looks like nothing like a chatroom (Chatrooms are banned in some cafes)
  • Free OTIC (Encryption, not dependent on a draconian license, unlike Truecrypt)
  • WinRAR Portable (For 7z archives)
  • QEMU?

In a 7zip archive password-protected with AES

  • LOIC (put here as the US Government forced virus scanners to consider it dangerous)