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Class CODE

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  object --+        
XmlComponent --+    
             DIV --+

displays code in HTML with syntax highlighting.

:param attributes: optional attributes: Example:
   {{=CODE("print 'hello world'", language='python', link=None,
       counter=1, styles={}, highlight_line=None)}}

supported languages are "python", "html_plain", "c", "cpp", "web2py", "html". The "html" language interprets {{ and }} tags as "web2py" code, "html_plain" doesn't.

if a link='/examples/global/vars/' is provided web2py keywords are linked to the online docs.

the counter is used for line numbering, counter can be None or a prompt string.

Instance Methods [hide private]
generates the xml for this component.
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generates the xml for this component.
Overrides: DIV.xml
(inherited documentation)