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<h1>The dallas command</h1>


<b>package require dallas</b>

<b>dallas</b> <i>subcommand</i> ?<i>arg ...</i>?



The <b>dallas</b> command lets you interact with DS1621 based devices for measuring temperature. The legal values of <i>subcommand</i> are listed below. Note that you can abbreviate the <i>subcommand</i>s.

<dt><b>dallas ds1621</b> <i>bus</i> ?<i>number</i>?
<dd>Open a channel to a DS1621 temperature sensor. There can be up to eight DS1621 sensors on the same i2c bus. The <i>number</i> argument selects which of the eight devices to access. The command returns the channel handle.
<dt><b>dallas convert</b> <i>handle</i>
<dd>Instruct the device to start a temperature measurement. A temperature conversion takes a maximum of 750ms.
<dt><b>dallas temperature</b> <i>handle</i>
<dd>Obtain the result of the last temperature conversion. This command will wait for a running conversion to complete, if necessary.

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