Ttk file selection dialog

Ttk file selection dialog

The file selection dialogs on windows and mac use native dialogs. Only on unix-like platforms a very simple scripted dialog is used. This project was started to provide a better looking dialog for those platforms.

After a while people started to use this dialog on windows as well because of some of the features it provides.


For more information, see the manual page.

Additional widgets

The package includes a couple of widgets similar to existing ttk widget, but with some additional functionality, that were needed for the dialogs. These have been made available so they can also be used outside of the file selection dialogs:

An entry widget with an erase icon.
A combobox widget with an erase icon and optional dropdown list of matching values.

Using the package

Version 1.0 of the package was designed for possible inclusion into the core as a proper file selection dialog for linux. As there was too much resistance for that to ever happen, that strategy has been abandoned in version 2.0.

The package is now intended to be placed in a directory under auto_path. It can then be loaded using [package require fsdialog]. This will replace the built-in versions of tk_getOpenFile, tk_getSaveFile, and tk_chooseDirectory.

The various dialogs will use fswatch, if available, to automatically show changes to the filesystem as they happen.