GIMP Script-fu

GIMP Script-fu

Here you will find some of the GIMP Script-fu scripts I have written over the years. For information on cloning this entire repository, please visit this page.


Isolate - Delete the contents of the drawable except in the selected region.
Align Down - Center the current layer relative to the visible layer beneath it.
Anti-crop - Used to remove a selected horizontal or vertical strip from a layer.
Quantize - Reduce layer to specified number of colors (basically an improved Posterize).
Scale To Selection - Scale the current layer to fit within the selection boundaries (does not preserve aspect ratio).
Fit To Selection - Scale the current layer to fit within the selection boundaries (preserving aspect ratio).
Extend to Image Size - Scale the current layer to match the image size. If a selection is present, only the area outside the bounds of the selection are scaled.
Expand Strip - Double the size of a horizontal or vertical strip within a layer.
Toon-inator - Create adjuvant layers to provide a cartoon effect.
3-strip Technicolor - Filter layer simulating the 3-strip Technicolor process.
Mean Fill - Fill selected regions with the average color within the region.
Merge linked - Merge linked layers.
Mirror - Duplicate and mirror the image horizontally and/or vertically.
Fit Face to Path - Scale and rotate the current layer such that it is oriented and sized to fit over the region determined by the path points (a common usage is to superimpose one person's face on another's body).
Channel Blend - Allow blending of channels (similar to Merge Down but for channels).
Select Similar Colors - Allow selection of regions containing a particular color.
Select->Within Layer - Make a selection that falls within the boundaries of the active layer.
Copy Mask From Above - Copy the layermask from the visible layer above the active layer.
Indexed Decompose - Split layer into separate layers based on color.


Group linked layers - Move linked layers into a new containing group.
Ungroup layer - Move a layer (or members of a layer group) out of its containing group.
Sequential Edit - Edit a set of files sequentially, one-at-a-time.
Save path(s) as HTML poly map - Save a .map file suitable for use with GIMP's Image Map filter.
Float layer - Create a floating selection from the entire layer.
Save Multi-page PDF - Create a multi-page PDF file from the set of open images.
Add Group Mask - Create a masking layer for a layer group.


Animation Settings - Allow changing timing and disposition methods of GIF animations.
Combine background / Overlay background - Animation commands which copy the background layer to all other layers.
Snapshot - Save a timetagged snapshot of the current state of image.


Hue Histogram - Generate a histogram of the hue spectrum of a layer.


Warp Text - Warp a text or path to fit within a Bezier envelope.
Arrow Stroke Path - Draw a simple arrow using active path.
Calendar - Generate calendars for either a single month or an entire year.
Platonic calendar - Generate a calendar shaped so that it can be printed, cut, and folded into a dodecahedron with a month on each side.
Projection to Dodecahedron - Generate a "globe" that can be printed, cut, and folded into a dodecahedron using an equirectangular projection as the original image.
Mystic Rose - Draw a mystic rose. (TESTING)


Index - A work in progress reference to PDB procedures.