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<dl><dt><b>Command:</b> <dd>Toon-inator</dd></dt>
<dt><b>Menu:</b> <dd>"<Image>/Filters/Artistic/Toon-inator"</dd></dt>
<dt><b>PDB Name:</b> <dd>script-fu-sg-tooninator</dd></dt>
<dt><b>Download:</b> <dd>[|sg-tooninator.scm] (after the page appears, click on the "Download" command)</dd></dt>
<dt><b>License:</b> <dd>[copyright|GPLv2+]</dd></dt>

<dt><b>Description:</b> <dd>This filter adds two layers above the active layer which provide for a cartoon-like effect in the projected result. The two layers are name "Retinex" and "Edges". The Edges layer provides a small amount of black outline to the image (which can later be increased by using Value Propagate or somesuch), whereas the Retinex layer provides the bulk of the effect. In addition, the Retinex layer that is created has a layermask that basically hides some pixelated noise that sometimes appears in those regions.

The original layer is not modified.

For example, starting with the following Creative Commons image from <a href="">Pixeltart on Flikr</a>:

<center><img src="" />

The following layers will result:
<center><img src="" />

And the following image result:

<center><img src="" />


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