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minxlib::version Struct Reference

Minx major, minor, and patch version numbers. More...

#include <version.hh>

Static Public Member Functions

static void pythonize ()
 Export interface to Python. More...

Static Public Attributes

static const int major
 Major version number.
static const int minor
 Minor version number.
static const int patch
 Patch level.

Detailed Description

Minx major, minor, and patch version numbers.

This simple structure holds three read-only fields, viz., the major, minor, and patch level, for identifying the Minx version. On the Python side, users can read these values to determine the Minx version. Additionally, converting the version object to a string will result in a string of the form "a.b.c", where 'a' is the major number, 'b' the minor, and 'c' the patch level.

Member Function Documentation

static void minxlib::version::pythonize ( )

Export interface to Python.


This function is meant to be called by the Boost.Python module initialization code in It will export the major, minor, and patch fields as read-only attributes and also export an __str__ method to convert the version numbers to string form.