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minxlib::unmap_notify Struct Reference

Encapsulation of UnmapNotify events. More...

#include <event.hh>

Public Attributes

const window parent
 Target window's parent. More...
const bool from_configure
 True if unmap notification is due to parent window resize. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from minxlib::event
const int type
 Event type as specified in X11/X.h. More...
const unsigned long serial
 Last request number processed by X server. More...
const bool send_event
 True if triggered by SendEvent request. More...
const window target
 Event's target window. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from minxlib::event
virtual ~event ()
 Event object clean-up. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from minxlib::event
static boost::shared_ptr< eventcreate (const XEvent &e, Display *d)
 Factory method for creating events. More...
static void pythonize ()
 Export event class to minxlib Python module. More...
- Protected Types inherited from minxlib::event
typedef event *(* cr_func )(const XEvent &, Display *)
 Signature of factory functions for creating events. More...
typedef void(* py_func )()
 Signature of Pythonize functions. More...
typedef factory_map< int,
cr_func, py_func
 Registry of subclass object factories and Pythonize functions. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from minxlib::event
 event (const XEvent &e, Display *d, Window w)
 Create a wrapper object for an X event. More...

Detailed Description

Encapsulation of UnmapNotify events.

The X server sends these events after a window is hidden. This is an important event for window managers because a window can no longer be focused after it has been unmapped.

Member Data Documentation

const bool minxlib::unmap_notify::from_configure

True if unmap notification is due to parent window resize.

Not really sure what this is about; consult Xlib documentation for details. Maybe we don't care too much about this for Minx?

const window minxlib::unmap_notify::parent

Target window's parent.

This field specifies the parent window of the unmap notification's target window. If that's the root window of some screen, we have ourselves a top-level window that the window manager cares about; otherwise, it's some application's child window that we need not bother with.