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minxlib::focus_change_details Struct Reference

Various attributes common to both focus-in and focus-out events. More...

#include <event.hh>

Public Attributes

const int mode
 Normal or grab mode (see Xlib documentation).
const int detail
 More mode related info (see Xlib documentation).

Protected Member Functions

 focus_change_details (const XFocusChangeEvent &e)
 Initialize focus change event attributes. More...

Detailed Description

Various attributes common to both focus-in and focus-out events.

Xlib reports the same stuff for FocusIn and FocusOut events and uses a typedef to alias the two event structures. Since minxlib uses two different types for the two event types, we put the relevant fields into this base class and have the relevant event subclasses derive from this class as well as minxlib::event.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

minxlib::focus_change_details::focus_change_details ( const XFocusChangeEvent &  e)

Initialize focus change event attributes.

eThe Xlib structure detailing the focus change event.
A properly constructed focus_change_details object.

A protected constructor because only focus_in and focus_out objects should construct instances of this class.