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9 timeline items

07:59 • Edit [fdc078ad687b4c3e|fdc078ad68]: Add tag "v0.0.1". (user: mikeshinoda)
07:59 • Edit [fdc078ad687b4c3e|fdc078ad68]: Cancel tag "version=0.0.1". (user: mikeshinoda)
07:57 • Edit [fdc078ad687b4c3e|fdc078ad68]: Add tag "version=0.0.1". (user: mikeshinoda)
[fdc078ad68] Leaf: Removing README.md (user: mikeshinoda, tags: trunk, v0.0.1)
07:39 • Changes to wiki page Golocator (user: mikeshinoda)
07:36 • New ticket [482adf4f33] Package static assets with binary instead of referring to src folder. (user: mikeshinoda)
07:30 • New ticket [11e47d31e7] Database download support inside main. (user: mikeshinoda)
[b68532b60c] First version and first commit - Still has traces for OPENSHIFT code - Needs proper configuration loading system (viper??) - Needs database download logic in main program itself (right now it's .sh script) - Static assets packing and relocation (right now it's refering to src path) (user: mikeshinoda, tags: trunk)
[0df5b110a4] initial empty check-in (user: mikeshinoda, tags: trunk)