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This is the famflows project

What is it?

Famflows is an accounting program for families geared towards
simplicity and expressiveness.

Why should I need it?

If you are responsible for the management of a family, or simply if
you need to know where's the money going, famflows can help you
without the complexities of double-entry accounting programs.

Why should not I need it?

Famflows is not well suited to handle "personal" finances. That is, if
you are married and you and your spouse do not share the finances
(earnings and expenses), than famflows is a little value for you. To
be a value, every member of the house should commit to it.

Famflows is only useful to track flows entering/exiting a home, where
one or more people (usually relatives) are living.


./configure, make, make install

Pretty simple :)

I should make a binary package, sometime.