Base Specs

Base Specifications

As I write this, the very first member of the Kestrel-3 family should support my use-cases with the following features, as found on my Altera/TerasIC DE-1 development board:

I target this board for the purposes of simplicity: it has everything I need to make a reference implementation of the computer. It also is quite affordable at US$150, at least until such time as they stop manufacturing it.

Long-Term Vision

The big problem with the DE-1 board is it's not open source; for this reason, I desire porting the Kestrel-3 family to use open-source FPGA boards. This includes the icoBoard Gamma and MyStorm BlackIce. My vision here is a PMOD-based backplane into which you plug in one or more FPGA boards. This concept is not fully fleshed out, however; details to come as I resolve fundamental problems with this approach.

Of course, I reserve the right to change my plans depending upon changes in general hardware availability.