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[d9a974c943] Leaf: Unbreak import of DELETE-FILE and cleanup. The DELETE-FILE procedure should be imported from the module chicken. There is no need to import (scheme process-context) twice. Also, imported Chicken-specific procedures used only within the platform module have been prefixed with "chicken:" (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[f246cdf6ff] Add random-integer procedure to the platform module, and use it in dot-locking instead of using srfi 27. The srfi 27 egg is broken on Windows/MSYS2. The random procedure of Chickens extras module is good enough for our purposes here. (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
10:06 • Changes to wiki page Loris (user: jesper)
[4c3f253883] Since R7RS is now mandatory, use #\null (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[62e183d81d] Some fixes for getting a program-internal-name. (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[a57ef3a1be] Recognise running from csi with an absolute path. (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[4fa5bfe6f1] unbreak alist-ref (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
10:20 • New ticket [c259d40c62] Support for XDG base directory structure. (user: jesper)
09:38 • Changes to wiki page Loris (user: jesper)
[5d78f9cc74] Let's not tag 2.0.0 just yet, but wait until the API is finalised. Unbump. The v2.0.0 tag has also been removed from the repo [b1ab17dad2]. (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[17bd3b2314] Rework the version library again. All exports use strings for version numbers. Remove version juggling outside of the version library. There are now 3 exported procedures, VERSION, FEATURE-VERSION and ASSERT. VERSION is called without arguments and will evaluate to the Loris library version. (version) -> "2.1.0-devel" FEATURE-VERSION may be called with zero or one argument. Called with no arguments, it evaluates to the Loris MAJOR.MINOR version. If an argument is supplied, it will be used instead of the Loris library version string. (feature-version) -> "2.1" (feature-version "1.2.3-alpha+build.2" -> "1.2" ASSERT takes one argument, interprets it as a version number string, and throws an error iff a program written for that specific version of the Loris library will not be compatible with the current Loris version. Otherwise, the program is assumed to be compatible with the current Loris version, and the current Loris library is returned. In the follow examples, the Loris version is assumed to be "2.1.0-devel.2" (assert "2.1.0-alfa") -> "2.1.0-devel" (assert "2.1.0-devel") -> "2.1.0-devel" (assert "2.1.0-devel.2") -> ERROR (assert "2.1.0") -> ERROR (assert "1.8.4") -> ERROR (assert "2.0.0") -> ERROR (assert "2.10.0") -> "2.1.0-devel" (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
09:33 • Edit [b1ab17dad2dc4d67|b1ab17dad2]: Cancel tag "v2.0.0". (user: jesper)
12:40 • New ticket [0bb58e9454] Tests (srfi 78). (user: jesper)
[efb39c9699] Document this confusing procedure (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[832dae9274] I guess these changes warrant another year on the (c) line. (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[50a6cdb35a] Use newly added make-chain-pred in constructing version comparisors (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[e839f3b951] Add procedure make-chain-pred, which makes procedures taking any number of arguments and compares them two-and-two, in the order given, with a supplied predicate. For example: (define string-or-number= (make-chain-pred (lambda (a b) (= (if (string? a) (string->number a) a) (if (string? b) (string->number b) b))))) (string-or-number= "50" 50 "000050.00") will now evaluate to #t. (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[6efeb03b55] Document our difference from semver.org. (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[00a5cf24c7] Cleanup. Checking for equality isn't necessary, as it is handled gracefully by (not (semantic-version< a b)) (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[4c177ad529] Add comparison procedures for full semantic versions. There should be test cases, but there aren't. (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[f674572477] Reorder includes to get convenience at the top (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[861bcc6a7f] add xor to convenience lib (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[df2e5b715b] Tokenise whole semantic versions (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[d067f7b553] Simplify version juggling. Don't use patch level for short version string. (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
09:02 • New ticket [6f17f7b18f] user-config-default-filename suffixed ".scmrc" when run as script. (user: jesper)
[e6886e18d7] This is actually 2.1.0-devel (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[c70d4936a9] Fix various breaking bugs (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[407e3c5389] Set default version to 0.0.0 (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[33da377ef2] Sync readme with latest commit (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
[31739c4ba8] * Move loris version handling into version library. * Add "current" pre-release version (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
14:18 • Changes to wiki page Loris (user: jesper)
14:18 • Changes to wiki page Loris (user: jesper)
14:18 • Deleted wiki page loris (user: jesper)
[29b7c2b7f3] Move tokenise-semantic-version into version library. Include platform:assert-version in bootstrap.scm template file. Add version fields for pre-release and metadata strings. The version string procedures here added to the version library are not yet used in the rest of Loris. (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
13:32 • Changes to wiki page loris (user: jesper)
13:32 • Changes to wiki page Versioning (user: jesper)
13:31 • Changes to wiki page Versioning (user: jesper)
13:04 • Edit [b1ab17dad2dc4d67|b1ab17dad2]: Add tag "v2.0.0". (user: jesper)
13:02 • Edit [e02e83d21b8a4011|e02e83d21b]: Mark "Closed". (user: jesper)
13:02 • Edit [b1ab17dad2dc4d67|b1ab17dad2]: Remove the "Closed" mark. (user: jesper)
13:01 • Edit [b1ab17dad2dc4d67|b1ab17dad2]: Mark "Closed". (user: jesper)
[b1ab17dad2] Merge R7RS into trunk (user: jesper, tags: trunk)
12:55 • Edit [f5d39f23eb433ed4|f5d39f23eb]: Add tag "v1.3.3". (user: jesper)
12:51 • Changes to wiki page loris (user: jesper)
12:50 • Changes to wiki page loris (user: jesper)
[e02e83d21b] Closed-Leaf: How to get rid of misc.scm (user: jesper, tags: R7RS)
[ad777d4a1e] Move alist-combine from misc to convenience (and clean it up) (user: jesper, tags: R7RS)
[8dcd2ad1fa] Move cdip, caip, nand and nor from misc to convenience (user: jesper, tags: R7RS)
[969155927f] use case-lambda for alist-ref and clean it up (user: jesper, tags: R7RS)
[522db763ad] Add ini-file to init.scm (user: jesper, tags: R7RS)