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50 most recent check-ins

[c0972ee07c] Leaf: Updated clay and httpd from tcllib (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[7c1b4765ca] Replaced sak with Practcl installation manager (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[db5edcaf33] Added an annotation capacity to practcl, which allows the doctools generator to read and document class variables, options, and delegates. Added missing documentation to httpd. New version of clay which adds a new "branch" method to oo::class/oo::object's clay ensemble. The branch method tells the system to mark the designated address as a branch, even it empty. Fixed a bug in clay where a Dict or Array keyword with no values would fail to actually register in the clay system (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[6375364306] Updates to clay and clay-stage from the clay project (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[ccee8294e5] Added a name field for stage objects. Enforcing a new rule that stage objects must have an upper case name and uuid (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[d13f08fa8e] Remove RPG templates from stage implementation. Moved the templates into the specific test files. Added a mechanism for defining options for objects, and that certain options are classes to be mixed into the object. (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[396f2a0290] Fixed problems with signal handler scripts being merged The clay-ui module adds option and option_class handling to clay Altered metadata locations for core classes and functions to not trip over ambiguities between clay and oometa path handling Added a clay keyword to tool Re-enabled the coroutine tests in tool. The problem that was keeping the system from working has been fixed (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[6ba8d01972] Modifications based on testing with the Integrated Recoverability Model. Fixed option_class handling. Tool and Tao core libraries now access clay data directly where oometa access provides an ambiguous answer. OOmeta fixes for path handling with a terminating : Fixed a typo in oometa Added debugging checks in method ensemble creation. (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[b44190754d] Adding a missing file from dicttool implementation. Removing outdated markdown. Fixing (again) tao bootstrapping process (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[f9ebb12547] Leaf: Fix to the taotk-form loader (user: hypnotoad tags: trunk)
[1c76d3641d] Fix to the taotk-form loader (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[d1aaf88a0d] New versions of clay, tool, oometa, and dicttool from tcllib. Took a fresh stab at reconciling clay and tool, and stayed much truer to tools existing inner working. (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[3dd961e7a6] Pulling fixes from tcllib (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[3690f536de] Added the ability for clay, httpd, and practcl to auto-generate the HTML form of their documentation and slip that file into the appropriate place in tcllib to present live embedded docs. Documentation fixes Removed stale tests from tool Moved the auto- documenter function out of clay and into practcl. If your are going to have a build helper around, why not put it there? Build scripts in tcllib will look for a resident copy of the source and failing that, ask for a version of practcl that the function is known to reside it. (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[d67b06ed27] Removing dict print from the global dict ensemble. It's functions have been replaced by ::dicttool::print (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[5d001a332f] Added a "dget" method to the oo::class and oo::object clay ensembles to provide unfiltered access to the clay structure for internal operations. Clarified that get will always return a sanitized value. Carried through the logical change to all of the affected modules. Removed the GET method from the ::oo::class clay ensemble Added more tests to check for problems I encountered along the way Removed the is_branch method from the global dict ensemble. It's functions are now performed by ::dicttool::is_branch Removed the rmerge method from the global dict ensemble. It's functions are now performed by ::dicttool::merge Removed the sanitize method from the global dict ensemble. It's functions are now performed by ::dicttool::sanitize Removed a second non-working implementation for ::dicttool::merge that had snuck into the code, but was never being exercised Removed acceptance of the . 1 entry for tests that were modified in the last checkin (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[8f99568fb3] oometa and clay now use a common storage arrangement that does not rely on altering the names of the branch fields. We now insert an entry for dot (.) into every branch eligable for merging. Clay now utilizes dicttool rather that do its own re-invention of many if its features. dicttool now builds as a clay style module All clay and tool language macros are now savvy about the extra . entry in the clay dictionary. Added a ::tcl::dict::is_branch procedure to the dict ensemble with the combined rules of clay and oometa. Added a ::tcl::dict::santize to remove . entries from output Combined the implementations of clay's dictmerge and dicttools' dict rmerge into a common implementaion: dict rmerge / dicttool::dictmerge httpd::server now uses the builtin instrospection function clay mixinmap rather than try to directly access the data structure itself. The table of mixins is now stored in .mixin The table of delegates is now stored in .delegate (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[b99707d509] Revamping stage from the ground up. Working on interactions by passing records in sqlite. Attempting to model the entire process by having mini-exercises in deploying the engine in the tests/ directory. (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[b8eef5ebe6] Documentation updates (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[2497af4987] Updating clay documentation (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[add8cf2364] Update documentaion for clay and httpd The autodoc system is now a submodule of clay (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[c06422208c] Updated documentation on the httpd module (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[148ad3bd9b] Updating simlinks to be non Sean's laptop specific Refactored the httpd documenter to use a new object oriented implementation of doctools::build (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[f50f4fd7a1] The manual page for the httpd module is now dynamically generated by the build script, and utilizes an autodoc/comment scraper system to enumerate all classes and methods for those classes. Added comments to embed documentation snippets into source code for easier maintenance. (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[40e8d10917] Changed proxy replies and file transfers to run until EOF (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[374ba2c8c2] Refactored ChannelCopy to run inside of the coroutine without having to bounce back from a global event. Thanks, dkf for the tip about yieldto (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[4204b8f485] Moved the ChanCopy subroutine to the metaclass for the httpd module. Gave the subroutine the ability to take arguments. (Like -size) (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[9fd8620782] Modification to httpd::reply to utilize a coroutine savvy channel copy system to break large transfers into chunks to let the intepreter up for air. (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[7d1252033e] Cleaned up the status sent for a 404 Not Found (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[0c21962e4b] Refactored the httpd::server Connect / httpd::reply dispatch handoff to put the error handling on the client object side. With a tailcall the server can now wash its hands of dealing with the reply (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[64a2800bf2] httpd::server now uses a tailcall to pass control to the object. (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[3a0daef655] Fixes to error templates and the uri::direct implementation (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[f084dc7f03] Fixed a typo in logging (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[962131b6fd] Pushed the handling of mixins off to the httpd::reply object in order to simplify the code inside of httpd::server and give developers more rope to hang themselves. The httpd::reply method now uses one general purpose dispatch public method, with all of the application specific wulu magic now confined to a new private method Dispatch Folded the functions of the former reply::dispatch method into the new public dispatch method, and eliminated reply::dispatch. Replaced http::reply.scgi with a mixin that swaps that one function that is different between them. httpd::server no longer looks for an alternate reply class. It is now assumed that every reply will be httpd::reply, and that the dispatch method will be able to sort out what behaviors get mixed in. Simplified the implementation of ::httpd::plugin.dict_dispatch Added a new method to the Uri ensemble: uri::direct which automates the process of producing simple dynamic content cases. Formalized the arguments for uri::add Moved the headers parsing out of the body of Connect and into a dedicated method ServerHeaders. Added a call to Dispatch_Local to the default dispatch method. (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[3c75c4dcdc] Added a shim for the local webserver to expose to the Dispatch and Headers method as if it were a plugin (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[7ae4544f31] Tweaks to logging and DOCUMENT_ROOT handling (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[bbf54bbff1] Updated Clay and Httpd from work in the taolib/toadhttpd project (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[1c34acda82] Removed two files that are dynamic generated by the installer (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[760d69e290] Tweaks to tao framework to adapt to clay. Adding simlinks to allow the httpd test suite to work properly Rebuilt clay (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[583d435060] Added an updated version of the httpd module from tcllib (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[e721dc4d2a] Added several tests to make sure the clay tools were not eating data structures in the form that the httpd module was likely to be sending. (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[588db3b191] Final integration between clay and tool complete. Almost all tool tests now pass unchanged. Added additional tests to clay to exercise mixins and ensembles. Fixed the order in which classes apply properties within Clay (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[68d703bfe7] Fixes for oometa and clay to allow for better integration with tool (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[b4b2c5c518] Added a snapshot of the porter stemmer package (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[18ecae1438] Reverted the behavior of oometa to prefer constants over local configuration (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[c5021a348c] Update oometa to make use of clay internals to replace it's own global dictionary. The only thing we lose are property searches... but honestly, those were never used in practice (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[64600023e8] Bumped clay to 0.2.1. Reimplemented the clay get method for classes to also intelligently introspect ancestors. (Otherwise only the local data was ever consulted.) (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[4f23aa3f7d] Added a new method "object_is_managed" to onions. This method takes in a pre-digested class and objid instead of discovering it on its own. Added a general purpose function tao::unit_parse to break a string into class and objid. This function handles patterns if up to three letters in a class instead of simply one. (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[5292d03ca1] Moving development of the clay framework into this repository. Also adding the tool framework back into this repository, as the version on Tcllib is frozen and slated to be removed (whenever we devise a policy for removing it...) (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)
[de63dd3ebb] Fix for XY graphs to provide default plot dimensions if the widget is given an empty data set (user: hypnotoad tags: clay)