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5 check-ins

2014-03-16 15:03
[b80ecce33e] Leaf: x Handle the case of a==0 in solving parabola equation (update test) (user: fabien tags: trunk)
2013-04-02 18:18
[3e4078629c] x Some comments & cosmetic changes x Extend with top (will replace center / focal point) as shape start + add conics - conics untested (user: fabien tags: trunk)
2013-03-10 18:06
[272810b051] + first working beem/sphere intersection - objects not offset, not diaphragmed (user: fabien tags: trunk)
2013-03-10 14:50
[cad51681fd] + save current version before going forward (user: fabien tags: trunk)
2013-03-10 14:30
[dd902d7c80] initial empty check-in (user: fabien tags: trunk)