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38 check-ins

161118 05:30
[8c72dd1790] Leaf: Added no_request_filters and mm_request_filters_provider.h (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161118 05:26
[aee98a86c9] Added http_request_context (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161114 03:56
[d171b5e27b] Added support for URI filters. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161110 03:20
[5bdad7e2e6] Added support for HTTP DELETE. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161107 01:57
[5828d5cf2d] Added support for content_type and default_content_type. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161106 03:18
[14d64dea10] Added support for request filters. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161104 04:09
[609443ca2e] Added request for http request filters per REST controller. Missing global filters. Refactoring to remove dependency on inheritance. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161102 02:56
[ed219f6696] Added controller filters (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161101 04:03
[73206baabd] Added pluggable log formatter. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161027 04:38
[3db3814aff] Project restructured. Namespaces replaced from classeine_tools to classeine::tools. Removed redundant App type. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161026 02:56
[7b9e3c4ade] Removed Sys template parameter from several classes. Added "samples" folder; moved music_catalogue right there. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161025 04:39
[dc80e1a205] Adding license. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161021 03:52
[b05a8a7480] main.cpp cleaned. Fixed a crash when serializing a null pointer (not nullptr_t) as JSON. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161019 05:13
[df02b228df] Added support for HTTP POST verb. Added JSON deserialization using PicoJSON. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161017 02:12
[6c72bca0ba] Implemented mechanisms to execute HTTP GET verb. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161016 05:00
[9d358a8153] Started to create the RESTful app and REST controllers. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161014 03:12
[d4d169b212] Using civetweb instead of mongoose because of license conflict. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161010 03:26
[0490f8d8d4] Added http server wrapper for mongoose (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
161003 03:10
[57c8c7a213] The ID column name is now retrieved from the first element on ObjectType::get_attribute_names() tuple. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
160929 05:31
[7879684926] Added line count stats. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
160929 03:56
[226755937c] Added basic infrastructure to http server. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
160928 11:17
[ec49bb0d44] Refactored to support business logic separated from storage. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
160927 04:53
[3e50973595] Added support for 'get_objects_where', refactored store methods, added support for INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
160926 04:57
[500dc847ef] Added some noexcepts. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
160926 04:49
[04e74ae319] Fixed error on memory_store. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
160926 04:45
[dfdfea76c2] Added cache and tuples support. Serialization missing. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
160925 03:05
[e644a98147] added result wrapper for PostgreSQL. Broken code. (user: eto tags: trunk)
160924 20:40
[96fa9736b0] Fixed mcatalogue project. (user: eto tags: trunk)
160924 20:37
[4aa44026b5] Added support for Visual Studio. (user: eto tags: trunk)
160919 15:03
[e07f347756] Added string_tools and data_row (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
160919 13:26
[4548c3d26b] Added domain_object base class. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
160919 04:05
[c767d04c00] Added sys and app_object base class. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
160919 00:43
[73a9e116a4] Added connection pool. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
160915 02:24
[93f8468704] Refactored model. Added support for DB providers. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
160906 09:18
[ce5f0d9803] Added memory store and default infrastructure, template based. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
160830 03:52
[c72b6efde5] Started log system. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
160830 03:04
[d120fe0024] First commit. (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)
160823 12:31
[9914f43573] initial empty check-in (user: ebasconp tags: trunk)