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[92e9a60812] Leaf: Added Windows DLLs. (user: Donny, tags: trunk, release)
21:44 • [d97764174f] Migrated to Fossil. (user: Donny)
[4f66fb40d1] created release branch which contains the binary and media required to play (user:, tags: trunk, release)
[b2767549b7] Leaf: turned debug mode off for stable. remember it can be turned on with -dev commandline parameter no need to keep changing the code (user:, tags: trunk)
[4a46157129] Leaf: turned debug mode off for stable. remember it can be turned on with -dev commandline parameter no need to keep changing the code (user:, tags: trunk, stable)
[bdc0f39b88] fixed another typo involving last 2 revisions (user:, tags: trunk)
[944f9d8e9c] fixed another typo involving last 2 revisions (user:, tags: trunk, stable)
[1e49e36967] fixing revision previous to this one. program using non-debug high scores now (user:, tags: trunk, stable)
[ae654d5b5a] set program to use standard high scores instead of low debug ones. but i messed up so i have to make another commit after this (user:, tags: trunk)
[5ae88aeb09] set program to use standard high scores instead of low debug ones. but i messed up so i have to make another commit after this (user:, tags: trunk, stable)
[530726c5a2] added latest stable release. which is at this point the finished linux version. its identical to the trunk in this same revision (user:, tags: trunk, stable)
[55d554e8b4] fixed some slight UI odiditys and fixed sideways sound so that it plays wheneve rthe block ticks successfully right or left. (user:, tags: trunk)
[1d4f46ec3d] directional menu movement is now blocked properly when it should not be played. the move_sideways.wav still doesnt work though (user:, tags: trunk)
[f1dd3ca11c] sounds are now included as a result of using SDL_mixer. the only sound that isnt working correctly at the moment is move_sideways.wav i want it to move only on a left or right arrow press where the block succesffully moves. also the menu movement sounds play even tho the selected option doesnt move (user:, tags: trunk)
[8955d2139c] now working on adding basic sound effects to the game before i call it complete and begin windows port (user:, tags: trunk)
[b90363158d] made random number generator more random, and cleaned up terminal output (user:, tags: trunk)
[f7c7b5bbb5] made random number generator more random, and cleaned up terminal output (user:, tags: trunk, stable)
[4c7349c8af] small minor code change in game.c see difference (user:, tags: trunk)
[25fd3822be] small minor code change in game.c see difference (user:, tags: trunk, stable)
[9b82ae5aed] commiting stable branch of last revision (user:, tags: trunk, stable)
[d7bd997634] fixed high scores bug not pushing down scores when a new one is attained (user:, tags: trunk)
[7adee55fd2] moved pictures into pictures folder for stable branch (user:, tags: trunk, stable)
[dd07b63e8f] adding pictures folder to stable (user:, tags: trunk, stable)
[c41bd946bc] copied essential files to stable branch (user:, tags: trunk, stable)
[72be9bcd77] mouse pointer is now removed from screen (both in fullscreen mode and window mode) (user:, tags: trunk)
[4ed79adddb] things to do: change block borders to white instead of black. fix high scores entry so that the entries lower then the new one (including the one being 'replaced') are pushed down a notch instead of just replacing the one that was beaten (user:, tags: trunk)
[069b5e61de] next things to do are: 1) remove mouse pointer from fullscreen mode. 2) create improved art. that includes fixing the high scores entry screen coordinates. and making a picture that explains the controls. while doing those 2 i will consider if i should implement sound or wait until my next project to do that. (user:, tags: trunk)
[2009041ac6] last commit was possibly a bad upload, forgot to save some files. this commit should be fine however. added -dev parameter to enable debug_mode. (user:, tags: trunk)
[0caa081e18] game can now parse command line parameters. so far only recognized one is -fullscreen which will boot the game in fullscreen mode (fullscreen disabled by default) (user:, tags: trunk)
[ad43140159] fixed bug where max level would be surpassed (20) and the blocks would stop falling. not exactly a kill screen. fullscreen toggle is as simple as calling sdl_setvideomode again with the SDL_Fullscreen flag, but i dont want to go through the trouble of creating an options menu to toggle it (which i never planned to do) and i dont want fullscreen mode to be toggled on a button press so i may just leave tetris in windowed mode, or add a commandline parameter to choose if you want to be in fullscreen or not. other then that the ubuntu version is mostly complete, save for replacing placeholder art. (user:, tags: trunk)
[2ac4851435] forgot to mention in the last commit that the next thing i had to do was add some text for 'GET READY', 'GO GO GO', and 'GAME OVER'. those have been implemented now and adds some polish to the game presentation. to clarify i meant to look into maximizing the window, but may just stick with the default 640x480 window and fullscreen mode (nothing in between). (user:, tags: trunk)
[5c761ca89e] when the game is lost or quit there is a better transition now to the main menu or high scores menu. dead blocks will fill the playing field up when the game is lost as well. the issue with the last points not being shown shown on the score from a soft drop bonus on the last block has been fixed. at this moment all known bugs are fixed. i will now look into expanding the window to be fullscreen. hopefully it is not much trouble. after that, ensure there is no sort of kill screen that occurs from extended game play. the last task before porting to windows (besides final testing) will be improving the quality of the art and creating new art for the placeholder bitmaps. (user:, tags: trunk)
[080f11cf14] highscores initial input works well now with no bugs. soft dropping score now added properly when down arrow is continuously held down for multiple blocks (bonus points are reset to 0 on each new block instead of a growing tally across blocks) (user:, tags: trunk)
[d47c90bbc3] bugs: initials input is crappy (fix left/right arrows at boundaries and ensure data is wiped clean each time), the score isnt calculated correctly if the final block placed was given a DAS bonus, DAS may be adding continuously if you hold the down arrow down for several blocks instead of resetting. in this build, high scores are properly considered at the end of the game and are saved into the hs.dat file when a new high score is achieved. (user:, tags: trunk)
[56f946ad25] if you score over 100, the screen appears to enter your initials. it doesnt actually checkt o see if you made the high score list though, and doesnt enter your entry into the high scores list. just the initial functionality is there (user:, tags: trunk)
[ad95ca66e3] a 1st draft of bitmap char sheet has been created. letters appear to display properly. next, create a simple interface that uses the 4 arrow keys to enter initials (3 slots) when a high score is attained after losing. (user:, tags: trunk)
[ad59b6fa0a] high scores will display the scores and blocks for letters. proper sprite sheet for characters must be created and named char_sheet.bmp... also the game must check if a high score was attained after the game ends and create a visual that allows you to enter your initials using the arrow keys (user:, tags: trunk)
[bb877c2463] there is a pause now before the game starts and when the game is over. printf's now just need to be replaced with text images to place on the game screen. also i must check for a new high score at the end of the game (if lost, not quit) and also make a system for entering said high score using the arrow keys (user:, tags: trunk)
[655b1a7e18] highscores are now implemented but do not display. i will try to create a bitmap font to display high scores. they are already stored and read correctly. if no hs.dat exists, a default one is made. (user:, tags: trunk)
[71ae109a3b] delayed auto shifting is now implemented for moving left and right. the level is also calculated correctly now, and is done inside of g_onDownBlocked() (user:, tags: trunk)
[5bbb6942b6] blocks now capable of soft dropping and points are awarded accordingly. must make it so that letting go of the down arrow in the pause menu does not break the soft drop (as long as its held down again when u resume u should b able to continuously soft drop) (user:, tags: trunk)
[aa0aa1044c] numbers now show for level, lines and score. level is not calculted properly (currently done inside g_updateGame) (user:, tags: trunk)
[1b02d06974] tetrominos now drop faster based on the level. level implemented and should increase every 10 levels. need to add to the score based on how long the arrow key is held down when tetrominos are dropped at a fast rate. number font must also be added and a system for drawing 'numbers' (actually pictures of numbers) must be created (user:, tags: trunk)
[60173d3217] things to do next: create scoring/leveling system + display them on screen, create high scores list that is saved in between sessions, polish game (game over animation, better art, ready-set-go animation, etc). (user:, tags: trunk)
[5753d132c2] frame rate is now capped by constant TARGET_FRAME_RATE (user:, tags: trunk)
[9ad756d02a] the blocks above disappearing ones appear to drop down properly now, and it works correctly with rotated tetrominos. BUGS: sometimes moving down and to the side at the same time causes a tetromino to get stuck on a wall (user:, tags: trunk)
[6269c0135f] rotating tetrominos have been fully implemented (press spacebar) and no bugs are known to be present at this time (user:, tags: trunk)
[5c877f161e] blocks that are above move down now, however the logic isnt perfect. see g_dropAboveBlocksDown for more info. next up is to fix that logic as well as getting tetrominos to rotate. (user:, tags: trunk)
[d1c88d0b20] completed lines now get erased. crappy flashing animation plays momentarily before they disappear, no stats are recorded yet and the blocks that were above don't move down yet. (user:, tags: trunk)
[6f71be024a] tetrominos are now created with random types (user:, tags: trunk)