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50 most recent check-ins

[6487cac452] Leaf: Version controlled the ignore-glob. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[79f5850fc1] Added Name component, added more functionality to Role component. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[607247b6a3] Added Day state, and Role component (which should have been add in the previous commit. Renamed state filenames for consistency). (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[d87f1ef79a] Added Role component, and removed redundant -bitID instance member for components (just get the class of the component and then call the class member from the Component protocol). (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[d7fe8242bf] Fixed include paths that broke from moving source files, updated Makefile to reflect the new paths, and removed the old main.m which was for testing Fraction. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[12a56f828b] Added subdirectories for components, states, and systems. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[dfe8879f41] Fixed problem in previous commit where getAllEntitiesThatFitLock:strict: was simply returning a set of every entity regardless of whether or not its key matched what was given. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[54bd071ede] Sample entities are crudely processed by Physics system. The EntityManager does not appear to be properly selecting only entities that are relevant to the system (in this case Physics, which requires that the entity contain a Position component, and may or may not contain other components (i.e. not strict)). (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[1f08ca389f] Added frame rate limiting of the main loop. Should be easy to modify during runtime. Physics System is added to the simulation, firing at 1 update per second, however it appears to be taking slightly longer then 1 second between updates. Whether or not this timing can end up becoming an issue, I'm not sure. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[0e01ed39c3] Added EntityManager test case, and removed similar test code from Splash state's load function. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[a2b2073e6a] Added a newline that didn't make it in the previous commit. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[24cfef2eb4] Added a test case for EntityManager. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[8c43e2dcb0] Added update of SystemsManager to engine loop (currently does nothing as there are no states that attached systems to it) and implemented a couple of entities with position components created for them, at the loading phase of Splash state (though this should be moved to test.m for thorough testing). (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[b2ac791969] Fixed typo in Makefile for OS X target. Fixed most compile errors and warnings from latest revision. A few warnings remain... (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[19e5c62415] Implemented SystemManager functions (except the one to get the longest subsystem name). (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[f4f57e875b] Added component template files (.h/.m), added and began work on Physics System, and SystemManager. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[e39eafe162] Readded command line parser, and unit test functionality. Run executable with -test (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[b93abb25e5] Fixed compile errors, added EntityManager and Position to the build (Position is first test component). (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[7a3dddea29] Ported all remaining functions for EntityManager except for one (load entity configuration from lua script). (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[31a8aba985] Implemented some more functions for EntityManager. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[b08fe6d24f] Implemented singleton and init methods for EntityManager. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[1764932770] Added pseudo ports of EntityManager to the project. EntityManager is not part of the build yet because the code port is not copmlete. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[1d413570f8] Added Component and System protocols. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[3db9c2ca37] Added specific int values for each state_t, so that later on when files may be used to specify states, the int value can be used to identify which state to use. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[51988e59a4] StateMachine update is called during the engine loop. A state change is performed (Initial -> Splash) which seems to work smoothly. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[ae5b06f695] Added Makefile target for windows machine (windows 7 laptop currently), after installing GNUstep on the system. Used StackOverflow answer at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/56708/objective-c-for-windows for setup. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[da0d40c589] Fixed compile errors/warnings on OS X. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[b1e5762cb7] Removed old state functions from Engine object as they are unused. Renamed states_t to state_t. Changed NSInteger return values to state_t for State protocol's -id function. Reformatted STATE_TRANSITIONS table. Added static internal helper function within state_machine.m for state transition table lookup (with error checking), canTransto(state_t start, state_t end). (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[7e3f9e7f49] Reimplemented StateMachine as a singleton. Its singleton initialization is now inits the StateMachine object with the InitialState state, so make sure that InitialState exists in the program. An enum (states_t) has been created for each state, and it is stored in state.h since all derived states will include that file. Removed the old #defines for each state, and substituted the parameters in related arguments with states_t. Added a 2D lookup table to check for valid state transitions. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[526b46931c] StateMachine will now init with a State based on a given ID passed to the initWithState function. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[db20355824] Added initWithState: to init the state machine with only 1 state instead of a list of preallocated states. The State passed in is identified correctly, but there are compile warnings when trying to alloc the passed Class <State>, so I will try a different approach of simply passing the ID number of a State to init/change to, and checking for validity. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[8d93af7d20] Implemented StateMachine init function with states. Currently the states passed in are preallocated, as opposed to being simply the names of states to allocate. The StateMachine will simply print out the names of each State derivative passed to the function for now. State now inherits from NSObject in order to use reflection functions. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[86b11c8fd2] Replaced gameTime with elapsedTime (and implemented it), added StateMachine and InitialState classes to the build. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[ad1b64ab15] Added a state machine object that will allow me a layer of abstraction from the various states, and will give me the possibility of implementing transitions between states. Using a state machine instead of view controllers because this code will be reused for other platforms, which may not have nice iOS view controller frameworks already in place. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[0b7d93e4b1] Added some code for adding/changing states, may change it altogether though if I can figure out the MVC pattern for ios. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[641d3376d1] Renamed executable. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[97860bd647] Added empty state change functions to Engine object, and removed argc/argv settings. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[78a3cb0c5e] Removed old files, added old remaining c code into Engine's run function (commented out). Renamed Fraction files to be consistent with the rest of the project (i.e. lower case). (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[6bb2190e3d] Added State object to the build, and implemented a SplashState derivative. The engine is now passed the classname of an initial state to start in, which is required. Removed state.c from project since currently State is just a protocol. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[27a4a6fbf7] Removed fullscreen option, added init function for Engine to be safe. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[af1a93d146] Added a couple of instance variables / getters to Engine, and implemented a basic game loop in -run() which prints out the delta time for each frame. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[1f364bf910] Engine title now correctly set/displayed in debug output. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[31896e67a3] Added code to engine's dictionary setup to copy the values over from the dictionary to the engine object instance (and output it). Unsure if memory management is clean or not, and the title (NSString *) isn't copied/displayed correctly. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[a868921a36] Added Makefile detection of platform, which completes ticket [63ecd9dce2]. 'uname' is used to detect the current platform. Since there is no uname on Windows, the project cannot be compiled on that platform right now. If I install a port of uname for Windows in the future, I will be able to modify the windows variables in the Makefile to allow Windows machines to compile the project (but I'll have to install gnustep first). (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[2d99d79d69] Ticket [2bc992679f] is now closed as the project now builds on Mac OS X. The Makefile must be edited when changing platforms however, so a feature request should be opened for allowing the Makefile to automatically detect the current compilation platform. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[e7d2e7341d] Added singleton functionality to Engine class, and implemented a simple skeleton setup function for passing a dictionary from main to the engine in order to setup the game. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[7a3f0c954f] engine .h/.m readded to make build. 'engine.m' is from scratch, with the old code residing in 'engine.mOLD'. A dictionary is in the process of being implemented which will be used to send engine setup data from the main function to the engine. The engine has yet to become a singleton. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[e95344fb74] Removed clutter from mmain.m, and changed Makefile so that mmain.m is the only target file, until the others are cleaned up for objective-c. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[58fd716bda] Renamed engine and mmain to be objective-c files. (user: Donny tags: trunk)
[3b6a67f0b4] Objective-C'ified parts of the engine and mmain. Incomplete. (user: Donny tags: trunk)