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Artifact ID: 9379c553d77d6d5022c77e91544d5f62db50984a
Page Name:Contribute
Date: 2013-03-09 12:40:27
Original User: devnewton
Parent: 7ec23ad337e1d8d51aa0367c297e2de867782c0f

Newton Adventure needs you!

If you want to contribute to the game, here is what you can do to help.

Promote the game

Tell your friends, write reviews, fill game database web sites...

Send bug report

If you find a bug, use the "Tickets" link to fill a bug report.


If you know how to make package linux package, Newton Adventure will be a lot easier to install if it is available in you favorite Linux distribution.



Add a new language to Newton Adventure is easy: TranslateHowTo

Code, draw, design

If you have some ideas for new graphisms, game mecanisms or new levels, please read the BuildHowTo and HowToEditLevels pages and contact the main author devnewton by mail ( devnewton __at__ bci.im ).