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Wiki page [Contribute] by devnewton 2013-03-09 12:40:27.
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Newton Adventure needs you!

If you want to contribute to the game, here is what you can do to help.

<h1>Promote the game</h1>

Tell your friends, write reviews, fill game database web sites...

<h1>Send bug report</h1>

If you find a bug, use the "Tickets" link to fill a bug report.


If you know how to make package linux package, Newton Adventure will be a lot easier to install if it is available in you favorite Linux distribution.



Add a new language to Newton Adventure is easy: [TranslateHowTo]

<h1>Code, draw, design</h1>

If you have some ideas for new graphisms, game mecanisms or new levels, please read the [BuildHowTo] and [HowToEditLevels] pages and contact the main author devnewton by mail ( devnewton __at__ ).
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