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Regenerate Leaf check-in: 71a4c6e1f9 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2020.05
Merge in latest changes from personal repo (bashrc) - Clean up browser and editor preferences - Re-add /opt/schily/bin to path (emacs.d/init.el) - Correct issue with org-mode/auto-fill-mode. Word wrapping now works again. - Fix flyspell - Install and configure Graphviz Dot Mode[1] - Install and configure SQL Indent[2] - Install and configure wttrin[3] (emacs.d/snippits/js-mode/bp) (emacs.d/snippits/php-mode/bp) (emacs.d/snippits/sql-mode/bp) - Clean up boilerplates ( - Bump copyright (Happy New Years!🎉) - Clean up output in tmux configuration debuggery (thirdparty/git-completion.bash) - Update git completion and prompt scripts to v2.21.0 Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] check-in: c822608351 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Sync with personal repository Trivia: This is the first SHA3 commit for this repository (bashrc) - Prioritize Google Chrome and Chromium for web browsing. Also remove browsers that are no longer maintained or available - Add $HOME/vendor/bin to $PATH (emacs.d/init.el) - Add $HOME/vendor/bin to exec path - Add convenience function for disabling all minor modes in a buffer. Function courtesy of [1] - Enable sudo-edit-indicator-mode (tmux-[12].conf) - Bump up status left length to 38. This will help with displaying long hostnames Footnotes: [1] check-in: 10191114a4 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2019.12, first-sha3-commit
Sync with personal repo (bash_bsd) - Remove old hacks (bash_darwin) - Remove old hacks (bashrc) - Remove YASTISBROKEN checks - Relocated aliases to individual files - Set bash history timestamp as appropriate (emacs.d/init.el) - Set GnuPG home directory - Install and configure hl-todo[1] - Install gnu-elpa-keyring-update[2]. Note that since not all packages in the GNU ELPA repository are signed, package signature checking is disabled - Install and configure the realgud[3] debugger - Do not insert deprecated @access tag when autofilling PHP function headers - Install and configure go-complete[4] (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings.el) - Switch to datetree. I still use GNU Emacs 25.3 on some platforms, so don't use new settings (emacs.d/snippets/*) - Standardize end-of-file comments (emacs.d/snippets/org-mode/svnbp) - There is no need to specify hypersetup twice (screenrc) - Update settings to allow screen to behave more like tmux Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] check-in: 63a21e56a4 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2019.10
Sync w/ personal repo ( - Regen (docs/ - Document PLSense setup - Bump copyright (emacs.d/init.el) - Recent versions of php_mode no longer require php-ext, so don't load it (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings.el) - Switch to using file+olp+datetree check-in: ec6721512f user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2019.06
Sync with personal public repository (*GNUmakefile) - Be sure to clean up additional files typically left over from a merge ( - Regen (bashrc) - Reformatting - Set up perl environment - Add alias for `ls -alh` (emacs.d/cmf-org-export.el) - Reformat (emacs.d/init.el) - Add ~/bin to cmf-path-list - Reformatting - Replace auto-complete mode with company-mode[1] - Do not install calfw sub-packages until calfw is utilized - Install and configure docker[2] and dockerfile[3] - Do not use melpa-stable version of emojify[4] as the regular version seems to support Emacs 26.1 without issue - Install and configure flyspell-correct-ivy[5] - Remove personal forecast api key and note where API key can be gotten from - Only install go-mode sub-packages when go-mode is loaded - Only install php-mode sub-packages when php-mode is loaded - Switch to using elpy[6] for Python development - Correct issue whereby any file with the word "SQL" in its full path would cause sql-mode to be loaded instead - Whoops, do not leak my twitter username - Add undo-tree-mode to conf-mode hook - Install and configure vue-mode[7] - Diminish which-key mode - Add subword-mode to yaml-mode-hook (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings) - Switch to using file+olp+datetree for archive location. This is the mode supported by Emacs 26.1+ (global-excludes) - Add - Add transient directory - Sort alphabetically ( - Update copyright to reflect new year - Add option for installing PLsense[8] for auto-complete functionality when editing perl files - Make quotes consistent - Sort Python packages installed alphabetically - Add setuptools-black to list of Python packages installed - Install and link tmux.conf file based on version of tmux(1) installed (thirdparty/git-completion.bash) - Update git completion and prompt scripts to v2.20.1 Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] check-in: fbadd18174 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2019.05
Sync check-in: f448cb6cd4 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Import latest changes from personal repo ( - Regenerated using org v9.1.9 as found in GNU Emacs 26.1 (bashrc) - whitespace cleanups (emacs.d/init.el) - GGTags now requires Emacs 25.1 or greater - Install and configure htmlize - Customize sml/read-only-char based on window system (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings.el) - Add mood to journal entries - fixltx2e no longer required (prompts) - Add promptCMF256() (thirdparty/git-prompt) - Update to git v2.17.1 check-in: d6ffa09537 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2018.10.12
Import latest changes from personal repo (GNUMakefile) - Set rsync(1) timeout to 30 seconds (bash_darwin) - Switch /usr/pkg to /opt/pkg to make installation easier (bashrc) - Make sure /opt/pkg/bin is before /usr/bin on MacOSX. Also, there is no need to have /opt/schily/bin twice in our path - Use an alias instead of GREP_OPTIONS as GREP_OPTIONS is now deprecated[1] (docs/ - Note ShellPAK now support customization of GNU nano(1) editor - Update supported operating systems - It's OpenSUSE, not OpenSuSE - Add instructions for setting up pythong (emacs.d/init.el) - Add /opt/pkg/bin to cmf-path-list - Customize use-fancy-splash-screens-p for emacs version 24.5 (inclusive )-> 25.2.1 (exclusive) - Alignment fixes - Only customize height for when running Emacs under X-Windows - Add hooks via :hook declaration - Remove ac-ispell as it was causing too many issues to be useful - Remove popwin package as it was causing too many issues - Only install ace-window for emacs 24.4 and greater - Only install all-the-icons for emacs 24.4 and greater - Remove diff-mode customizations which were for popwin - Further customize flycheck - Only install gited for emacs 24.4 and greater - Bind gited-list-branches to C-c C-g - Swiper customizations for Emacs 26 - Install and configure markdown-mode - Install and configure org-fancy-priorities - Enable line up of cascading calls when editing PHP files - Set up Python development in Emacs - Add remote-url to VC-Fossil header - which-key requires Emacs 24.4 and greater - Customize org-crypt (emacs.d/shippets/sh-mode/bp) - Align copyright information (global-excludes) - Exclude the following from getting hosed: + .aggrev_defs + .python-environments + tramp ( - Add support for customizing python environment (thirdparty/git-completion.bash, thirdparty/git-prompt) - Import git completion and prompt scripts from git v2.15.1 Footnotes: [1] check-in: a690e0857b user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2018.08
Further customizations of emacs environment (docs/ - Bump copyright - Update list of supported operating systems (emacs.d/init.el) - Install and configure the following packages: + popwin[1] + calfw[2] + geben[3] + go-mode[4] and related packages - Pin the following packages to melpa-stable + all-the-icons + all-the-icons-ivy - Break out all-the-icons-dired and all-the-icons-ivy to their separate use-package blocks - Switch to using php-doc.el for automatically generating PHP documentation blocks (emacs-d/cmf-org-settings.el) - Add journal tag to all journal entries ( - Install gocode and gotags to use with go-mode Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] check-in: 392bdcb90e user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2018.02.11
Optimize emacs packaging loading & configuration - Move additional mode-spectific variables into their respective use-package blocks - Re-organize where functions are loaded, with mode-specific functions belonging to their respective use-package blocks - Simplify prog-mode-hook & text-mode-hook customization - Customize trash directory on Mac OS X systems - Lose osx-trash which is s-l-o-w - Customize & simplify auto-complete[1] mode setup. Also, set up auto-complete /before/ yasnippet[2] - Massively simplify yasnippet configuration - Switch keybinding for ace-window[3] - Switch to using arjen grey theme[4] - Switch to using melpa stable[5] where applicable - Disable global-emojify-mode-line-mode since it wrecks havoc with cut-n-paste - I haven't found an excuse to use Go, so don't install go-mode. Hopefully this will change - Don't use ac-php since it's resource intensive. I may readdress this in the future Also, do not accidentally hose file Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] check-in: 178b66d4b7 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2017.12.16
Sync latest changes from my personal repository ( - Bump Copyright (emacs) - Re-enable installation of vc-fossil for Emacs 25 and greater - Install and configure the following packages: + flyspell-correct-ivy[1] + all-the-icons[2] + all-the-icons-dired[3] + all-the-icons-ivy[4] + which-key[5] + ace-window[6] + highlight-parentheses[7] + flyspell-correct-ivy[8] - Force set fill-column to 80 characters for text-mode - Enable global-emojify-mode-line-mode - Automatically install fonts required for all-the-icons - Use emoji for common modes presented in the mode-line + 💡: beacon Mode + 📔: eldoc mode + 🦋: flycheck-mode + 🄶: ggtags-mode + 🌲: undo-tree + 🅈: yas-minor-mode - Load package archives more intelligently - Massive reworking of yasnippet[9] and auto-complete[10]. - Move mode-specific variables into their own use-package blocks - Bootstrap diminish prior to installation of use-package - Added boiler-plates for (c)perl-mode - Optimize loading of custom files ( - Bump Copyright Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] check-in: 3c1101ac0d user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2017.12
Sync with personal repository (GNUmakefile) - Remove emacs-packages target which is no longer needed - Rename RSYNC to RSYNC_BIN - Switch to using `fossil tarball` for distribution file generation - Add fossil target (bash_linux) - Remove hasBrokenYaST() as the version of openSUSE where the YaST bug occurred is no longer supported by the openSUSE project, then remove detection for the bug (bashrc) - Remove '.' from PATH as this is a security risk[1] - Make sure /opt/schily/bin is toward the end of $PATH (docs/ - Remove '[TABLE-OF-CONTENTS]' It looks like it is not necessary anymore (emacs.d/custom-nox.el) - Remove theme customization (emacs.d/custom.el) - Add emojify-emoji-styles - Customize linum-format - Customize cfw face - Don't forget to customize which-func face (emacs.d/init.d) - Clean ups where applicable - Add melpa-stable repository - Customize emojify mode - Move yasnippet package initializations to the top so it gets processed first - Install and configure calfw package - Switch theme to planet-theme - Install and configure gited - Install and configure sed-mode - Fix the following bugs: + Fix bug involving enriched text mode + Override use-fancy-splash-screens-p() (emacs.d/cmf-org-settings.el) - Remove Kawasaki Riding Log macro - Customize Journal Entry template - Customize org-latex-classes - Switch to using lualatex - Add and to list of org-mode refile targets (emacs.d/snippets/org-mode/bp) - Remove '[TABLE-OF-CONTENTS]' It looks like it is not necessary anymore (mk/ - Add a couple of more file suffixes to clean up. These are generated by LaTeX Footnotes: [1] See check-in: 0327ed3032 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2017.10
Regenerate documentation check-in: 77f676b6a0 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
(emacs.d/init.el) - Highlight 'LATER' in program files - Rewrite keyboard macros I use - install and configure osx-location[1] - Enhance sql-mode - Use nice-prog-hook when editing JSON files - Use PSR2 format[2] for editing PHP files - Do not defer installation of yaml mode - Only load vc-fossil on versions of Emacs < v25 as it is broken[3] - [org] List delegated files in refile report - [org] Add additional files to org-agenda-files (bashrc) - Add alias for PHP Codesniffer that uses PSR2[2] standard - Add support for go language development (bash*, functions) - Use new function naming convention for functions that are sourced from other files to prevent potential namespace collisions (git scripts) - Update git scripts to v2.8.4 (global-excludes) - Exclude tramp directory - Exclude network security directory Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] check-in: 6298520d4f user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2017.03
Sync to 501f0d77e4 from personal repo - Regenerate Bash: - Pre-pend additional directories instead of appending them. This way, I can set, for example, /usr/local/bin to be in front of $PATH - Re-order searched paths to taste Emacs: - Do not byte-recompile all contents of ~/.emacs.d as this causes issues with use-package - Obfuscate latitude & longitude - Obfuscate forecast-api-key (the old one has been invalidated, don't bother using it) - Set tramp default method to ssh - Commenting - Install and configure beacon-mode[1] - Install and configure darktooth theme[2] for non-console modes - Add additional counsel key bindings - Instll and configure osx-specific modes - Switch to using built-in global-prettify-symbols-mode for Emacs versions that have it installed, otherwise continue to use pretty-lambdada mode. - Install sudo-edit[3] - Do not enable ac-emoji mode for log-edit-mode - Switch org-refile-use-outline-path to nil as this was causing issues with refiling tasks under org-mode w/ swiper Git: - Update git-completion scripts to those provided by git v2.6.4, the version of git as shipped with Apple XCode v7.3 Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] check-in: 0585983024 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2016.05
Remove table of contents check-in: fc7e1dcd20 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2016.03
Rewrite Emacs initialization files Rewrite my Emacs initialization files: - Use use-package[1] to set up and configure packages - Switch from using ido-mode to using swiper[2] - Switch from using multi-web-mode to mmm-mode[3] - Move org-mode configuration to its own file, cmf-org-settings.el - Move configuration provided by setup-yasnippet.el into init.el - Use pretty-lambdada[4] for displaying lambda - Simplify displayed minor modes in the mode line using diminish[5] - Magit status is now bound to 'C-x g' - Automatically install third-party packages via use-package[1] instead of having it done via `make install` - Custom written elisp files are now located in lisp directory In addition: - '[g]make install' is now an alias to 'update' - Remove the '-p' option to as it's no longer required - Add new boilerplate for php files - Update documentation to reflect removal of 'make install' option - Styling changes to how arrays are declared in various bash scripts - Clean emacs.d sub-directories - Place $HOME/bin before other paths - Use instead of can be groked by bitbucket - Add svnbp snippet for subversion-managed org-mode files - Remove redundant docs/ file Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] check-in: f5866b1a13 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Make a real file ... since github doesn't grok fossil links :/ check-in: db1b2b0ea3 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2015.12
Sync w/ personal repository - (GNUmakefile) Correct fossil detection - (GNUmakefile) Be sure to clean up files generated by global(1) - (bashrc) Add bin directory for composer[1] - ( Add GNU Make as requirement - ( Update FuhrWerks URL - (emacs) Add composer[1] bin directory to local-execpaths - (emacs) Set default timezone to America/Los_Angeles - (emacs) Use package-installed-p for determining presence of a specific package - (misc) Update git-completion scripts to v2.5.4 Footnotes: [1] check-in: ef05f1a395 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Update FuhrWerks URL check-in: 781b8e6883 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Apply various improvements from personal repository bash_darwin: - Re-order $PATH depending on if Homebrew[1] is installed bashrc: - Grammar in comment perltidyrc: - Set maximum line length of source files to 100 characters - Style consistency Emacs: - Setup and install org-ac mode[2] - Setup and install ac-emoji[3] - Add a sane hook for editing XML files. This hook makes sure that auto-fill-mode is *not* loaded - Use editor mode for tweets Misc: - Customize org-mode boilerplate - Clean up additional files when doing '[g]make clean' Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] check-in: 200e613f0a user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2015.11
Add a number of improvements Misc: - Add support for clocking in org-mode - Clean whitespace where applicable GNUmakefile: - Use awk to grep for checkout line prompts: - Make sure GNU echo is used - Add ability to restore default prompt - Check for presence of Emacs when building packages Emacs: - Remove git-commit-mode & git-rebase-mode as they are no longer available in the MELPA[1] repository - Install the magit[2] package - Add a new major mode, nice-msg-mode - Enable orgstruct- or orgstruct++-mode as appropriate - Add support for clocking within org-mode files - Add new snippet, org-mode/svnbp Footnotes: [1] [2] check-in: 64e4e75c94 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2015.07
Sync w/ trunk GNUmakefile: - Make location a variable - Assume is in current directory tmux.conf: - Add a space after status-left line This fixes a kerning issue with tmux v2.0 - Bump up history-limit Double history-limit from 4K lines to 8K lines stored in history. - Force use of Emacs key-bindings in case $EDITOR is set to vi(1) or a derivative Emacs: - Switch to using twilight theme - Display STARTED tasks when listing tasks to refile in org-mode Git-completion: - Sync up to git v2.3.2 check-in: 484ba234be user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2015.06
Sync w/ trunk Emacs: - Switch to using sunshine-mode for displaying local weather forecast[1] - Update safe hash for smart-mode-line theme - Correct local-loadpaths variable Git: - Update git-completion scripts to git v1.9.5, the version now provided by Mac OS X developer tools Snippets: - (phpbp) Add potential TODO to mollify PHP_CodeSniffer[2] Misc: - Mention mg text editor in Footnotes: [1] [2] check-in: 02f72d317b user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2015.04
Sync with private repository Makefiles: - Do not use the '-v' flag under OpenBSD when running rm(1) as this isn't supported[1] - Minor formatting clean-ups bashrc: - Detect go and set up GOPATH accordingly - Add support for customizing the mg[2] text editor - clean up $makepaths - The OpenBSD version of mktemp(1) is more picky about the number of 'X's in the template - Reference the mg text editor emacs.d/GNUmakefile: - Don't include ../mk/ Use our own 'clean' target Emacs: - Add support for flycheck[3] instead of flymake - Mollify flymake for all Emacs Lisp files - Intelligently determine if normal-erase-is-backspace-mode is required - Switch to using wombat theme since it's easier on my eyes following LASIK surgery - Use c-lineup-cascaded-calls for statement-cont offsets - Add support for twittering mode YASnippet: - Update Emacs Lisp Boilerplate to be flycheck-compliant Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] check-in: 4d70e4d40b user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Various updates - Customize org-latex-pdf-process - Clean up custom-set-variables - s/Makefile/GNUmakefile/g check-in: 7d2b1c76e5 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Switch to using GNUmakefile Since the Makefile present only works with GNU make, rename it as appropriate. check-in: e34e48a091 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2015.01.1
Revert 2ecd1a1c6e check-in: 96b07b8c80 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Switch to using GNUmakefile Since the Makefile present only works with GNU make, rename it as appropriate. check-in: 2ecd1a1c6e user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2015.01
Regen check-in: 229890d8dd user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Strip Overview Strip the unnecessary Overview section. Also, elaborate on description and bump copyright as appropriate. check-in: fa03f3fd8e user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Apply window dressing While here, bump copyright check-in: 8f3a999b9d user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Import latest updates from personal repository bashrc: - Add an alias for fossil emacs.d/init.d: - Add support for go-mode - Clean up align-on-equal macro removing potential EOL issues - Dynamically install php-auto-yasnippets snippets: - Add boilerplate file for go files check-in: 906a8c9198 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Sync w/ private repository Makefile: - Document targets for creating documentation in various formats - Exclude checkout databases generated by older versions of Fossil - 'install' target will now build documentation, and run while installing Emacs Packages - Add new target 'update' which builds documentation and runs w/out installing Emacs Packages Perltidyrc: - Utilize a variable maximum line length Git: - Add alias for generating a pretty log tree - Update git completion scripts to those shipped with git v1.9.3 Emacs: - Add support for editing YAML files since I am now experimenting with ansible[1] - Disable cperl-electric-parens as delimiter completion is now handled by electric-pair-mode - Add new boilerplate snippet for javascript files Org-Mode: - Display WAITING tasks when displaying tasks to refile - Documentation generation is now handled by make(1) Footnotes: [1] check-in: 7dfc368774 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2014.12
Use abs path for PERL-specific environment variables Use the absolute path to user-specific perl5 directory. This fixes a number of issues WRT installing CPAN packages on the command line check-in: 66008d5862 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2014.11
Add appropriate phony targets Add phony targets for TXIDIRS as well as markdown and texinfo documentation targets check-in: b084284966 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Add support for generating documentation in various formats Switch document generation targets to use new wrapper functions found in emacs.d/cmf-org-export.el. While here, add support for the following formats: * Markdown * Texi Miscellaneous updates include: * Update location of Emacs MELPA package repository * Fine-tune weather-metno-mode * I do not use the xlicense package, so remove it * Do not hose directory created by eshell mode check-in: 85bf86403c user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Properly detect sr-speedbar package Correct error caused by insufficient caffeine check-in: b8924fd463 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Add Emacs 24.4 customizations - Install sr-speedbar via packages - Customize log-edit-hook check-in: 2158218ab9 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, emacs-24.4
Sync w/ private public branch - (bash_profile) Display specific BSD Operating system when logging in - (emacs.d/Makefile) Remove unnecessary targets - (emacs.d/init.el) Be more intelligent about determining installed packages - (snippets) Add time zone to boilerplates check-in: 3fda3db3d0 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Add example of using to download and install Emacs packages check-in: 47dda9a159 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Add some new options from my private repo 1) DocBook documentation can now be made via the 'make docbook' target 2) Added support for versions of fossil older than v1.22 3) Add an option to automatically install Emacs packages from either or make 4) Rename mk/ to mk/ Emacs: 1) Remove Zend coding style from Emacs configuration. This broke horribly due to recent changes to php-mode. 2) Use nice-prog-hook() when editing ruby files 3) Use xml-mode when editing wsdl files 4) Use id-mode globally 5) Remove *.bak files when cleaning check-in: 47ea27c6d1 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Initial revision of SQL file boilerplate Initial revision of yasnippet SQL-mode boilerplate check-in: b8be03ce10 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2014.09
Link as appropriate check-in: 2d0fd161ac user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Remove symlink Since BitBucket doesn't like symlinked files in the main directory, go back to using check-in: 1ecee5a649 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Sync w/ public branch (Makefile) - Fix grep invocation under Solaris - add new target, clean-elpa (bashrc) - Set SHELLPAK_VERSION from VERSION file - Ignore clear(1) command in bash history (prompts) - Standarize file header. This file was apparently missed in 2bafdee6ac[1] ( - Add support for backing up $HOME/.emacs (emacs.d/init.el) - Add smart-line-mode - Customize font used when run under X-Windows - Correct areas where backquotes were used instead of single-quotes - Use CSV-Nav[2] mode for editing CSV file - Set comment-fille-column to 80 characters - Add a yasnippet boiler-plate for SQL files - Add support for org-bullets-mode - Switch theme to solarized-dark Miscellany: - Remove SHJS and associated fossil-specific configuration. I've switched to the Google Code Prettify[3] - Remove googlecode skin. Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] check-in: ffdb4f82f8 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Update documentation files - Link docs/ to root directory instead of This way, BitBucket will pick up the appropriate README - Add Links to BitBucket and FuhrWerks as alternative repository locations check-in: 8ce870fc39 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Use derived tar program for unpacking tarball When doing a `make dist`, use the derived tar program for unpacking the resultant tarball. check-in: c5694df38f user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2014.08
Initial import of ShellPAK Initial import of ShellPAK tag public-140811 from my personal repository check-in: c2aa6dd78f user: cfuhrman tags: trunk