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23:48 [392bdcb90e] Leaf: Further customizations of emacs environment (docs/README.org) - Bump copyright - Update list of supported operating systems (emacs.d/init.el) - Install and configure the following packages: + popwin[1] + calfw[2] + geben[3] + go-mode[4] and related packages - Pin the following packages to melpa-stable + all-the-icons + all-the-icons-ivy - Break out all-the-icons-dired and all-the-icons-ivy to their separate use-package blocks - Switch to using php-doc.el for automatically generating PHP documentation blocks (emacs-d/cmf-org-settings.el) - Add journal tag to all journal entries (setup.sh) - Install gocode and gotags to use with go-mode Footnotes: [1] https://github.com/m2ym/popwin-el [2] https://github.com/m2ym/popwin-el [3] https://github.com/ahungry/geben [4] https://github.com/dominikh/go-mode.el (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2018.02.11)
21:04 [178b66d4b7] Optimize emacs packaging loading & configuration - Move additional mode-spectific variables into their respective use-package blocks - Re-organize where functions are loaded, with mode-specific functions belonging to their respective use-package blocks - Simplify prog-mode-hook & text-mode-hook customization - Customize trash directory on Mac OS X systems - Lose osx-trash which is s-l-o-w - Customize & simplify auto-complete[1] mode setup. Also, set up auto-complete /before/ yasnippet[2] - Massively simplify yasnippet configuration - Switch keybinding for ace-window[3] - Switch to using arjen grey theme[4] - Switch to using melpa stable[5] where applicable - Disable global-emojify-mode-line-mode since it wrecks havoc with cut-n-paste - I haven't found an excuse to use Go, so don't install go-mode. Hopefully this will change - Don't use ac-php since it's resource intensive. I may readdress this in the future Also, do not accidentally hose network-security.data file Footnotes: [1] https://github.com/auto-complete/auto-complete [2] https://github.com/joaotavora/yasnippet [3] https://github.com/abo-abo/ace-window [4] https://github.com/credmp/arjen-grey-theme [5] http://stable.melpa.org/#/ (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2017.12.16)
21:56 [3c1101ac0d] Sync latest changes from my personal repository (README.org) - Bump Copyright (emacs) - Re-enable installation of vc-fossil for Emacs 25 and greater - Install and configure the following packages: + flyspell-correct-ivy[1] + all-the-icons[2] + all-the-icons-dired[3] + all-the-icons-ivy[4] + which-key[5] + ace-window[6] + highlight-parentheses[7] + flyspell-correct-ivy[8] - Force set fill-column to 80 characters for text-mode - Enable global-emojify-mode-line-mode - Automatically install fonts required for all-the-icons - Use emoji for common modes presented in the mode-line + 💡: beacon Mode + 📔: eldoc mode + 🦋: flycheck-mode + 🄶: ggtags-mode + 🌲: undo-tree + 🅈: yas-minor-mode - Load package archives more intelligently - Massive reworking of yasnippet[9] and auto-complete[10]. - Move mode-specific variables into their own use-package blocks - Bootstrap diminish prior to installation of use-package - Added boiler-plates for (c)perl-mode - Optimize loading of custom files (setup.sh) - Bump Copyright Footnotes: [1] https://github.com/d12frosted/flyspell-correct [2] https://github.com/domtronn/all-the-icons.el [3] https://github.com/jtbm37/all-the-icons-dired [4] https://github.com/asok/all-the-icons-ivy [5] https://github.com/justbur/emacs-which-key [6] https://github.com/abo-abo/ace-window [7] https://github.com/tsdh/highlight-parentheses.el [8] https://github.com/d12frosted/flyspell-correct/blob/master/flyspell-correct-ivy.el [9] https://github.com/joaotavora/yasnippet [10] https://github.com/auto-complete/auto-complete (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2017.12)
21:43 [0327ed3032] Sync with personal repository (GNUmakefile) - Remove emacs-packages target which is no longer needed - Rename RSYNC to RSYNC_BIN - Switch to using `fossil tarball` for distribution file generation - Add fossil target (bash_linux) - Remove hasBrokenYaST() as the version of openSUSE where the YaST bug occurred is no longer supported by the openSUSE project, then remove detection for the bug (bashrc) - Remove '.' from PATH as this is a security risk[1] - Make sure /opt/schily/bin is toward the end of $PATH (docs/README.org) - Remove '[TABLE-OF-CONTENTS]' It looks like it is not necessary anymore (emacs.d/custom-nox.el) - Remove theme customization (emacs.d/custom.el) - Add emojify-emoji-styles - Customize linum-format - Customize cfw face - Don't forget to customize which-func face (emacs.d/init.d) - Clean ups where applicable - Add melpa-stable repository - Customize emojify mode - Move yasnippet package initializations to the top so it gets processed first - Install and configure calfw package - Switch theme to planet-theme - Install and configure gited - Install and configure sed-mode - Fix the following bugs: + Fix bug involving enriched text mode + Override use-fancy-splash-screens-p() (emacs.d/cmf-org-settings.el) - Remove Kawasaki Riding Log macro - Customize Journal Entry template - Customize org-latex-classes - Switch to using lualatex - Add incubate.org and ideas.org to list of org-mode refile targets (emacs.d/snippets/org-mode/bp) - Remove '[TABLE-OF-CONTENTS]' It looks like it is not necessary anymore (mk/documentation.mk) - Add a couple of more file suffixes to clean up. These are generated by LaTeX Footnotes: [1] See https://www.seas.upenn.edu/cets/answers/dot-path.html (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2017.10)
17:27 [6298520d4f] (emacs.d/init.el) - Highlight 'LATER' in program files - Rewrite keyboard macros I use - install and configure osx-location[1] - Enhance sql-mode - Use nice-prog-hook when editing JSON files - Use PSR2 format[2] for editing PHP files - Do not defer installation of yaml mode - Only load vc-fossil on versions of Emacs < v25 as it is broken[3] - [org] List delegated files in refile report - [org] Add additional files to org-agenda-files (bashrc) - Add alias for PHP Codesniffer that uses PSR2[2] standard - Add support for go language development (bash*, functions) - Use new function naming convention for functions that are sourced from other files to prevent potential namespace collisions (git scripts) - Update git scripts to v2.8.4 (global-excludes) - Exclude tramp directory - Exclude network security directory Footnotes: [1] https://github.com/purcell/osx-location [2] https://github.com/php-fig/fig-standards/blob/master/accepted/PSR-2-coding-style-guide.md [3] http://chiselapp.com/user/venks/repository/emacs-fossil/info/eb08c005fa5b6af3 (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2017.03)
17:20 [0585983024] Sync to 501f0d77e4 from personal repo README.md: - Regenerate Bash: - Pre-pend additional directories instead of appending them. This way, I can set, for example, /usr/local/bin to be in front of $PATH - Re-order searched paths to taste Emacs: - Do not byte-recompile all contents of ~/.emacs.d as this causes issues with use-package - Obfuscate latitude & longitude - Obfuscate forecast-api-key (the old one has been invalidated, don't bother using it) - Set tramp default method to ssh - Commenting - Install and configure beacon-mode[1] - Install and configure darktooth theme[2] for non-console modes - Add additional counsel key bindings - Instll and configure osx-specific modes - Switch to using built-in global-prettify-symbols-mode for Emacs versions that have it installed, otherwise continue to use pretty-lambdada mode. - Install sudo-edit[3] - Do not enable ac-emoji mode for log-edit-mode - Switch org-refile-use-outline-path to nil as this was causing issues with refiling tasks under org-mode w/ swiper Git: - Update git-completion scripts to those provided by git v2.6.4, the version of git as shipped with Apple XCode v7.3 Footnotes: [1] https://github.com/Malabarba/beacon [2] https://github.com/emacsfodder/emacs-theme-darktooth [3] http://emacsredux.com/blog/2013/04/21/edit-files-as-root/ (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2016.05)
22:51 [fc7e1dcd20] Remove table of contents (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2016.03)
14:10 [db1b2b0ea3] Make README.org a real file ... since github doesn't grok fossil links :/ (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2015.12)
05:13 [200e613f0a] Apply various improvements from personal repository bash_darwin: - Re-order $PATH depending on if Homebrew[1] is installed bashrc: - Grammar in comment perltidyrc: - Set maximum line length of source files to 100 characters setup.sh: - Style consistency Emacs: - Setup and install org-ac mode[2] - Setup and install ac-emoji[3] - Add a sane hook for editing XML files. This hook makes sure that auto-fill-mode is *not* loaded - Use editor mode for tweets Misc: - Customize org-mode boilerplate - Clean up additional files when doing '[g]make clean' Footnotes: [1] http://brew.sh/ [2] https://github.com/aki2o/org-ac [3] https://github.com/syohex/emacs-ac-emoji (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2015.11)
18:51 [64e4e75c94] Add a number of improvements Misc: - Add support for clocking in org-mode - Clean whitespace where applicable GNUmakefile: - Use awk to grep for checkout line prompts: - Make sure GNU echo is used - Add ability to restore default prompt setup.sh: - Check for presence of Emacs when building packages Emacs: - Remove git-commit-mode & git-rebase-mode as they are no longer available in the MELPA[1] repository - Install the magit[2] package - Add a new major mode, nice-msg-mode - Enable orgstruct- or orgstruct++-mode as appropriate - Add support for clocking within org-mode files - Add new snippet, org-mode/svnbp Footnotes: [1] http://melpa.org [2] http://magit.vc (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2015.07)
20:47 [484ba234be] Sync w/ trunk GNUmakefile: - Make setup.sh location a variable - Assume setup.sh is in current directory tmux.conf: - Add a space after status-left line This fixes a kerning issue with tmux v2.0 - Bump up history-limit Double history-limit from 4K lines to 8K lines stored in history. - Force use of Emacs key-bindings in case $EDITOR is set to vi(1) or a derivative Emacs: - Switch to using twilight theme - Display STARTED tasks when listing tasks to refile in org-mode Git-completion: - Sync up to git v2.3.2 (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2015.06)
16:41 [02f72d317b] Sync w/ trunk Emacs: - Switch to using sunshine-mode for displaying local weather forecast[1] - Update safe hash for smart-mode-line theme - Correct local-loadpaths variable Git: - Update git-completion scripts to git v1.9.5, the version now provided by Mac OS X developer tools Snippets: - (phpbp) Add potential TODO to mollify PHP_CodeSniffer[2] Misc: - Mention mg text editor in README.md Footnotes: [1] https://github.com/aaronbieber/sunshine.el/blob/master/sunshine.el [2] https://github.com/squizlabs/PHP_CodeSniffer (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2015.04)
23:34 [e34e48a091] Switch to using GNUmakefile Since the Makefile present only works with GNU make, rename it as appropriate. (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2015.01.1)
22:49 [2ecd1a1c6e] Switch to using GNUmakefile Since the Makefile present only works with GNU make, rename it as appropriate. (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2015.01)
19:30 [7dfc368774] Sync w/ private repository Makefile: - Document targets for creating documentation in various formats - Exclude checkout databases generated by older versions of Fossil - 'install' target will now build documentation, and run setup.sh while installing Emacs Packages - Add new target 'update' which builds documentation and runs setup.sh w/out installing Emacs Packages Perltidyrc: - Utilize a variable maximum line length Git: - Add alias for generating a pretty log tree - Update git completion scripts to those shipped with git v1.9.3 Emacs: - Add support for editing YAML files since I am now experimenting with ansible[1] - Disable cperl-electric-parens as delimiter completion is now handled by electric-pair-mode - Add new boilerplate snippet for javascript files Org-Mode: - Display WAITING tasks when displaying tasks to refile setup.sh: - Documentation generation is now handled by make(1) Footnotes: [1] http://ansible.com (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2014.12)
16:56 [66008d5862] Use abs path for PERL-specific environment variables Use the absolute path to user-specific perl5 directory. This fixes a number of issues WRT installing CPAN packages on the command line (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2014.11)
16:19 [2158218ab9] Add Emacs 24.4 customizations - Install sr-speedbar via packages - Customize log-edit-hook (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, emacs-24.4)
17:54 [b8be03ce10] Initial revision of SQL file boilerplate Initial revision of yasnippet SQL-mode boilerplate (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2014.09)
15:45 [c5694df38f] Use derived tar program for unpacking tarball When doing a `make dist`, use the derived tar program for unpacking the resultant tarball. (user: cfuhrman, tags: trunk, v2014.08)