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50 most recent check-ins

- Add previously missing themes (VERY LARGE files). Leaf check-in: 421270b133 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.9.0-RELEASE
- src/args.c: Default to font bitstream vera sans instead of bitstream vera sans mono. check-in: e9701e4b36 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.1-RELEASE
- src/Makefile: Fix indentation. Fix terminology of PREFIX and LOCALBASE. Replace all usages of PREFIX with LOCALBASE, and DEST_PREFIX with PREFIX. DEST_PREFIX is obsolete.

- src/args.c: Default to font bitstream vera sans mono instead of liberation sans mono.

- src/ Increment version to 0.8.1. Fix indentation. Fix terminology of PREFIX and LOCALBASE. check-in: 4095cc8966 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.1-RELEASE

- src/ Increment version to 0.8.0, due to DPMS recovery improvements.

- src/draw_fns.c: Slightly adjust drawing code to avoid redundant extra calls to XClearWindow, and to reduce code length.

- src/event_loop.c: In event loop, make sure to redraw text if ev.type matches KeyPress, MotionNotify, or ButtonPress. This should get rid of issue where the login box is blank sometimes after recovering from DPMS mode. check-in: efc3f92307 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.8.0-RELEASE

- README: Add some information, adjust some sentences and overall wording. Remove feature about DPMS support, because this feature will be moved to metaidle. check-in: 8fe48523a1 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.7.9-RELEASE
- src/args.c: Fix indentation on switch statement.

- src/event_loop.c: Get rid of (commented) DPMS support, which will later become a part of metaidle. It doesn't make any sense to make this a part of the screen locker application. Fix indentation in places, and move many variable declarations of the same type on to one line.

- src/main.c: Move many variable declarations of the same type on to one line. check-in: d90d4c20ae user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.7.9-RELEASE

- src/Makefile: Fix minor typo. check-in: 6d8c4be4e7 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.7.9-RELEASE
- src/Makefile: Add conditionals to deal with options for various build options. (these yes/no options are named USE_*). The user no longer needs to manually set OPT_CPPFLAGS, OPT_INCS, or OPT_LIBS. Add proper support for shadow file, crypt library, and "bsd auth", (whatever that is, maybe non-FreeBSD BSDs need it?) which previously were not easy to set in a user-friendly fashion.

- src/ Update to version 0.7.9. Completely change options system to require less thinking on the part of the end user. Now we have boolean yes/no options set as USE_*. Add USE_* options for shadow file, crypt library, and "bsd auth". Set all USE_* variables to options that are sensible for FreeBSD. Pick a more sensible default for X11PREFIX, since most operating systems don't use /usr/X11R6 anymore. check-in: 4aabb6902c user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.7.9-RELEASE

- src/Makefile: Move INCS, LIBS and CPPFLAGS from here, since they are not meant to be set by end users.

- src/ Increment version to 0.7.7. Get rid of excessive comments, which are addressed in the README. Move comments above all of the OPT_* variables. Move INCS, LIBS and CPPFLAGS from to the Makefile, since they are not meant to be set by end users. check-in: 0054d987b4 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.7.7-RELEASE

- .fossil-settings/ignore-glob: Add .fossilmsg to ignore-glob.

- src/Makefile: Move conditionals from to here, since the user shouldn't set it directly. Add data.h to HDR.

- src/ Update version to 0.7.6, due to large scale changes regarding the use of the new typedef Session. This is preliminary, however, it should get rid of the need for so many typedefs, and simplify the code.

- src/data.h: Add new file, defines typedef struct Session.

- src/draw_fns.c: Adjust to use struct to have one common signature for each action of redraw_text and draw_box.

- src/draw_fns.h: Include data header file. Adjust signatures accordingly.

- src/event_loop.c: Adjust to use struct to have one common signature for each action event_loop. Get rid of many now redundant ifdefs, due to the signature changes for the actions redraw_text and draw_box.

- src/event_loop.h: Include data header file. Adjust signatures accordingly.

- src/main.c: Get rid of many now redundant types, since they are contained with the "session" type. Get rid of many now redundant ifdefs, due to the signature changes for the actions redraw_text and draw_box. Greatly adjust naming conventions of data to use the data contained within Session s. check-in: 4668b36bae user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.7.6-RELEASE

- src/Makefile: Use DEST_PREFIX instead of PREFIX for destination. (This allows to install to non-standard locations, while still including libraries from PREFIX.)

- src/ Add DEST_PREFIX variable, which is set to the value of PREFIX by default. check-in: 2b6bdc50f2 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.7.3-RELEASE

- src/Makefile: Change "build" target from metalock to build, to be more consistent with terminology. check-in: bd36bcbba5 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.7.3-RELEASE
- README: Note that BSD make (either FreeBSD or NetBSD bmake) is now required, with some workarounds for users who want to use GNU make. Note that both clang or gcc may be used as the compiler. Adjust indentation style. Discuss theme installation, which is the most difficult part. Explain installation steps in more detail.

- src/Makefile: Add conditional to ensure that the theme exists in the proper place. Give more user friendly output during build and install phases.

- src/ Add target dist-theme. Separate notion of theme tarball generation from the generation of the regular tarball. Add support for clang as CC, and make it the default c compiler. Update version to 0.7.3. check-in: 7d372aa1d4 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.7.3-RELEASE

- src/args.c: Change border width option from -b to -w. Add support for --bg_color / -B and --fg_color / -F options. Add string parsing code to handle determining the individual r, g and b values from the input hexadecimal string.

- src/ Update version to 0.7.0, due to major changes.

- src/helper_fns.c: Also allow header of 0X for a hexadecimal string.

- src/main.c: Add ColorMap cm to handle the state of the colormap, which needs to allocate new colors. Populate the bg_r, bg_g, bg_b, fg_r, fg_g, fg_b values. Allocate in the colormap, as well. Replace hardcoded ColorMaps with cm. Replace all hardcoded colors with usages of bg and fg. check-in: 347b61b13f user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.7.0-RELEASE

- src/helper_fns.c: Add procedures char_is_hex, string_is_hex.

- src/helper_fns.h: Add procedures char_is_hex, string_is_hex. check-in: f05051e81d user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.6.3-RELEASE

- src/ Increment version to 0.6.3.

- src/main.c: Take preliminary steps towards implementing user customizable background and foreground color. check-in: d0f1063b55 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.6.3-RELEASE

README: Update details regarding Imlib2. check-in: f81561ffe1 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.6.2-RELEASE
- src/args.c: Get rid of -g/--gzip_compress_on, -G/--zip_compress_off flags, since they are mostly redundant. If verbosity is > 1, then print compile time options.

- src/ Increment version to 0.6.2. Bring back Imlib2 in the default compile setting, since apparently it works MUCH better for large images with a lot of colors, or for photographs. (It is too much trouble for most users to perform palette reduction for the xpm file to 32766 colors, only to find out that it takes over a minute to load even with reduced colors...). The default theme works very well with XPM, though.

- src/helper_fns.c: Add action image_filename.

- src/helper_fns.h: Add action image_filename.

- src/main.c: Rewrite filename detection code in terms of calls to image_filename. Bring back support for more image formats than just xpm/xpm.gz, because it is too tedious (and SLOW) to use xpm files for high color images / photos. Currently supported formats are png, jpg, jpeg, xpm, xpm.gz, although only the latter two are available unless you compile with Imlib2 support. check-in: a3ac94d61f user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.6.2-RELEASE

- src/ Increment version to 0.6.1.

- src/draw_fns.c: Include string.h. Apparently some object files were already compiled during development, preventing proper errors until now. Fix compilation when XFT is disabled.

- src/event_loop.c: Include more files. Apparently some object files were already compiled during development, preventing proper errors until now. Update signature of event_loop to take two more GC types.

- src/event_loop.h: Update/fix signature of action event_loop.

- src/main.c: Make gc2 global with respect to this file. Add gc and gc2 as arguments to invocation of event_loop. check-in: 4158de5e99 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.6.1-RELEASE

- src/Makefile: Add newly added sources and headers to SRC and HDR variables, respectively.

- src/ Due to large-scale changes to code structure, update version to 0.6.0. Get rid of -pedantic flag on cflags, to get rid of redundant and annoying warning "Xfuncproto.h:134:24: warning: ISO C does not permit named variadic macros".

- src/draw_fns.c: Add new file. Move all drawing related actions in this file.

- src/draw_fns.h: Add new header file for respective file.

- src/event_loop.c: Add new file. Move the entire event loop into this file, inside the action event_loop.

- src/event_loop.h: Add new header file for respective file.

- src/helper_fns.c: Add new file. Move all helper related functions/procedures/actions into this file.

- src/helper_fns.h: Add new header file for respective file.

- src/main.c: Move tons of code into other files, particularly all helper actions/procedures. Move event loop into src/event_loop.c. Restructure code to minimize the number of externs needed. check-in: 85ddf5196c user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.6.0-RELEASE

- README: Change wording and cleanup formatting. check-in: 792a85d50b user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.5.5-RELEASE
- README: Update commentary regarding Imlib2. check-in: 4b6ad1fa2d user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.5.5-RELEASE
- src/args.c: Prefer Uncompressed files by default.

- src/ Update version to 0.5.5, because substantial changes have been made. Note dependencies, in case they are not in the default

- src/main.c: Add optional Imlib2.h support again, since it is sometimes faster than xpm.h. Rearrange code to avoid hardcoded box size. Also avoid hardcoded background size. Coincientially, due to a rearrangement of code, rendering now seems significantly faster than before with xpm.h. Since the performance is much better with the xpm backend than it was previously, it is up to the user which one is better. Imlib2 is probably faster, and has better error reporting in the case of invalid pixmaps, however, xpm is a smaller library, and is likely to be more secure. check-in: 5f162de8c9 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.5.5-RELEASE

- src/ Update version to 0.5.2.

- src/main.c: Increase performance of drawing further by using single operation XpmReadFileToPixmap, instead of the slower dual operation XpmReadFileToXpmImage and XpmCreatePixmapFromXpmImage. It still seems slower than the Imlib2 xpm version, but it is much faster than before. Catch one case of a missing image that was omitted in the previous commit. Simplify image loading code greatly. check-in: c627aeb451 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.5.2-RELEASE

- src/main.c: Create illusion of a faster drawing algorithm by delaying drawing of both windows (which is triggered by XClearWindow) until both pixmaps are loaded and set to the background of their respective windows. Also, specify width and height dimensions of pixmaps using XpmImage data members and XpmAttributes. Fix some logic errors in the code. check-in: 20b0bae0ee user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.5.1-RELEASE
- src/args.c: Implement support for --gzip_compress_on / -g and --gzip_compress_off / -G options.

- src/main.c: Implement support for the prefer_uncompressed option. check-in: d7e347b98f user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.5.1-RELEASE

- src/ Update version to 0.5.1.

- src/main.c: Prefer gzipped pixmaps, if available.

- themes/Blue_Marble/bg.xpm: Delete this file, since we now use the gzipped pixmap as the default in the distribution.

- themes/Blue_Marble/bg.xpm.gz: Add this file, since the themes now handle gzipped pixmaps.

- themes/Blue_Marble/box.xpm: Delete this file, since we now use the gzipped pixmap as the default in the distribution. - themes/Blue_Marble/box.xpm.gz: Add this file, since the themes now handle gzipped pixmaps.

- themes/Blue_Marble/ Update theme version to 1.3. check-in: 3bcff50cc6 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.5.1-RELEASE

- src/ Get rid of obsolete reference to Imlib2. check-in: 6298a0d7b6 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.5.0-RELEASE
- README: More changes in wording regarding the deprecation of Imlib2 in this program. check-in: 6f14c5ccd2 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.5.0-RELEASE
- README: Note that Imlib2 is no longer required or used by the program. check-in: 92d4b8df31 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.5.0-RELEASE
- Increment version to 0.5.0-RELEASE. Get rid of Imlib2 in LIBS, add Xpm in LIBS. (Imlib2 is no longer used, Xpm covers the same role in this program)

- main.c: Change headers to use xpm.h instead of Imlib2.h. Get rid of Imlib2 specific jargon, and use xpm equivalents for loading an image from a file and converting it to a pixmap. Print error messages if xpm loading or xpm to pixmap conversion fails. check-in: 66d02e1525 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.5.0-RELEASE

- themes/Blue_Marble/ Rename from themes/Blue_Marble/metadata. Make compliant with Makefile includes for distfile generation. Increment version to 1.2 for this reason. All variables have a theme_ prefix to avoid collisions. All future themes must include at least the theme_name and theme_version variables to assist in automated distfile generation, and this metadata must be contained in the file check-in: 578f26d93e user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.4.6-RELEASE
- README: Change to reflect the fact that the only image format supported is xpm, not png anymore. check-in: 262aeb555f user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.4.6-RELEASE
- src/Makefile: chown and chmod files in default theme directory.

- themes/Blue_Marble/bg.xpm: Replace with high quality conversion. (Sadly, the xpms that were smaller than pngs were greatly washed out images with reduced colors)

- themes/Blue_Marble/box.xpm: Replace with high quality conversion.

- themes/Blue_Marble/metadata: Update version to 1.1, due to using proper xpm files. Add email as well. check-in: 586b840d50 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.4.6-RELEASE

- themes/Blue_Marble/metadata: Add metadata file to "Blue_Marble" theme. This will be required for all themes, although as a matter of policy, rather than for immediate use by the program. check-in: 4e15fe4395 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.4.6-RELEASE
- src/ Increment version to 0.4.6-RELEASE.

- src/main.c: Change all usages of png to xpm. (Amazingly, the files are SMALLER????)

- themes/Blue_Marble/bg.png: Delete from repository.

- themes/Blue_Marble/bg.xpm: Add to repository.

- themes/Blue_Marble/box.png: Delete from repository.

- themes/Blue_Marble/box.xpm: Add to repository. check-in: a72b12acca user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.4.6-RELEASE

- src/Makefile: Adjust Makefile to install "theme" specified in Significant adjustments made to all targets. The dist target is subject to change, and is untested.

- src/args.c: Add support for -t / --theme argument. Set theme_name to the DEFAULT_THEME if none are specified.

- src/ Increment version to 0.4.5. Set the DEFAULT_THEME.

- src/main.c: Write code to take theme_name into account. Basic error testing performed.

- themes/Blue_Marble/bg.png: Rename from res/bg.png

- themes/Blue_Marble/box.png: Rename from res/box.png check-in: 0245de410c user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.4.5-RELEASE

- README: Improve README. check-in: 33d4f72c67 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.4.1-RELEASE
- README: Improve README. Make it consistent with wiki. check-in: 7910c3dd02 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.4.1-RELEASE
- src/args.c: Replace all USE_* macro usages with WITH_* macro usages.

- src/ Increment version to 0.4.1. Replace all USE_* macro usages with WITH_* macro usages. Improve comments. Get rid of, or note redundant content.

- src/main.c: Replace all USE_* macro usages with WITH_* macro usages. check-in: 1ab1920618 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.4.1-RELEASE

- src/args.c: Select an appropriate default font based on whether or not Xft is used.

- src/ Increment version to 0.4.0, because many changes were made, particularly regarding optional Xft support. Add Xft related options to LIBS and CPPFLAGS. Change all usages of CPPFLAGS named HAVE_* to USE_*.

- src/main.c: Add (optional) Xft support. Use macros to add additional cases wherever Xft code might differ from regular Xlib font code. Change all usages of CPPFLAGS named HAVE_* to USE_*. Make deallocation at the end of the program more detailed (add Xft related deallocation calls, as well as previously missing XFreeGC calls). Improve retext drawing algorithm in some cases, when dealing with typing in the password. (this was necessary to get the proper text appearance when Xft is used, although the difference is not visually evident when Xft support is disabled). check-in: 95f4e2c28f user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.4.0-RELEASE

- src/args.c: Fix getopt (ultragetopt) support. It was not working properly when the ultragetopt_long procedure was used, so adjust the macro usage accordingly.

- src/ Increment version to 0.3.1. Instead of USE_ULTRAGETOPT, use the internal variable ULTRAGETOPT_REPLACE_GETOPT instead. This allows ultragetopt to emulate the interface of other getopt implementations. check-in: d62eed4b2b user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.3.1-RELEASE

- res/box.png: Add new file. (Forgot to add this before...) check-in: 7f4db9c67c user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.3.0-RELEASE
- Makefile: Install box png resource as well in targets.

- Increment version.

- main.c: Don't use the same pixmap to draw the login box, make it a different pixmap. Account for box related pixmap variables. Make x/y size of box constants. Adjust pixmap rendering code to render two different pixmaps. check-in: 40d78c3a37 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.3.0-RELEASE

- src/main.c: Set imgfn to "" to prevent invalid default values from messing up the image filename. check-in: e56d08d189 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.2.9-RELEASE
- src/ Minor changes to documentation on ultragetopt. check-in: 1eef1a5cf6 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.2.9-RELEASE
- src/args.c: Use native ultragetopt_long command when ultragetopt is specified, to get rid of warnings.

- src/ When ultragetopt is used, as it is in the default, it needs to be added (-lultragetopt) to LIBS. check-in: 01e10ede74 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.2.9-RELEASE

- src/args.c: minor cleanup on --help command format. check-in: b5915ac1a4 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.2.9-RELEASE
- src/args.c: Implement support for --border_width/-b argument.

- src/main.c: Make border width of login box optional. (default: 0) check-in: a3ce8e8a11 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.2.9-RELEASE

- src/args.c: Change commandline arguments. Show long options as well with -h. Implement -f/--font option. (defaults to fixed if font does not exist. If no argument is specified, and it is available, it defaults to size 24 Helvetica). Adjust names of other options to be more consistent.

- src/main.c: Get rid of window destruction of the SimpleWindow, because that is already handled by destroying the parent window, and its presence causes errors on the program exit. (although it did not cause any known security problems). Get rid of obsolete or extraneous code. Get rid of third argument to action draw_box, because it is redundant. check-in: fa4f87b296 user: beyert tags: trunk, 0.2.9-RELEASE