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Here are bzipped tarballs of metalock releases.


<I>Latest Release</I>
<a href="">berliOS</a> |
<a href="">Google Code</a><BR>
<I>Older Releases</I>
<a href="">berliOS</a> |
<a href="">Google Code</a><BR>


A theme is needed to compile metalock.  Blue Marble is the default theme in the current release.

<I>Blue Marble - Default</I>
<a href="">berliOS</a> |
<a href="">Google Code</a>


To install metalock, either install the port, or build manually.

<h4>Install Port</h4>

Issue the following commands as root:

<B># cd /usr/ports/x11/metalock</B><BR>
<B># make deinstall reinstall</B>

<h4>Install from source</h4>

The (VERY) short answer is:

<B># cd src/</B><BR>
<B># make clean install</B><BR>

The long (and better) answer is:

See <I>Installation</I> section in <a href="">README</a>.


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