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FossGit provides a simple command line utility for creating and updating Git repositories as (one-way) mirrors of Fossil repositories.


Install the Ruby Gem:

$ gem install fossgit

If, for some reason, that is not an available option for you or you wish to do things the hard way, there is another installation method:

  1. Clone it from the Fossil repository or the GitHub mirror.

  2. Copy the fossgit file to a directory in your execution path, create a symlink or hardlink to the repository's fossgit file in a directory in your execution path, add its location in this repository to your execution path, or execute it by entering the explicit path to the fossgit file at a shell prompt.


With an open checkout of your Fossil repository:

$ cd /path/to/open/fossil/checkout
$ fossgit /path/to/git/repository


  • Fossil SCM
  • Git
  • a Fossil repository to mirror
  • a Git repository you will use as your mirror
  • an open checkout of the Fossil repository

Bug Reports And Feature Requests

In order from most preferred to least preferred:

  • Add a ticket in the Fossil repository.
  • Add a ticket in the GitHub repository (then I'll copy it to Fossil).


  • Add tests, maybe.
  • Incorporate this functionality into FossRec, a more comprehensive tool.


The discerning programmer may look over FossGit in its current form and realize it is neither object-oriented nor functional in its design. It is, in fact, a pretty straightforward procedural program, written in Ruby (an odd language to use for procedural programming, perhaps). The reason for this is simple: it is in essence a glorified shell script. There are plans to make it part of a larger set of libraries and utilities (see the Roadmap), and it will need to undergo a fair bit of redesign as part of that; I expect it to be largely unrecognizable by then.

Much of this work was done on Christmas weekend 2016. That may or may not be significant.